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Iranians we love you

Marjan Kandi – Mano Bebakhsh (AMAZING)

Iranian girl sings about her love for Iran

A Love Letter From Israel to Iran

Français · Des Israéliens aux Iraniens : “Nous ne vous bombarderons jamais, nous vous aimons”
Malagasy · ùtaratasim-pitiavana Avy Amin’i Israely Ho An’i Iran
Español · Carta de amor de Israel a Irán
Έλληνικά · Γράμμα αγάπης από το Ισραήλ προς το Ιράν
polski · List miłosny od Izraela do Iranu
русский · Любовное послание изралитян иранцам
عربي · إسرائيليّون يبعثون برسالة حبّ إلى الإيرانيّين
Svenska · Kärleksbrev från Israel till Iran
Italiano · Scambi di lettere d’amore fra Iran e Israele via Facebook

“I never met an Iranian”

Ronny from Tel Aviv in Israel writes:

To the Iranian people
To all the fathers, mothers, children, brothers and sisters. For there to be a war between us, first we must be afraid of each other, we must hate. I’m not afraid of you, I don’t hate you. I don’t even know you. No Iranian ever did me no harm. I never even met an Iranian… Just one in Paris in a museum. Nice dude… I see sometime here, on the TV, an Iranian. He is talking about war. I’m sure he does not represent all the people of Iran… If you see someone on your TV talking about bombing you… be sure he does not represent all of us. To all those who feel the same, share this message and help it reach the Iranian people.

Love from Iran to Israel by Navid Mashayekhi Beauty beyond culture

A message from an Iranian lady says:

Hi Pushpin, I am an Iranian lady. I just saw your warm and beautiful message to my country mates. Reading your message brought tears to my eyes and warmness to my heart. Just wanted to ensure you, we all Iranians feel the same, we just want peace and beauty on the earth, we hate war and slaughter, we all are the parts of one body and it hurts when you see a human suffering since she or he is a part of your soul. I have been always curious about you guys if you hate us, because I have been sure that the actual face of Iranians would not be introduced to you guys… All in all, just would like to thank you for your beautiful message and say that we all love you because you are our brothers and sisters. The only thing that matters is your beautiful heart not your culture, language, skin color, religion or homeland.

Iran Israel – Iranians We Love You Part III

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Israel Loves Iran – Part II

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Wir lieben Euch! Iran & Israel


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One person’s story: Mr. Hossein Vahdat-e Haq

Mr. Hossein Vahdat-e Haq


AGE 56




EDUCATION university diploma

OCCUPATION engineering and science professional


AFFILIATION no political affiliation

DATE OF EXECUTION February 28, 1982

LOCATION Tehran, Iran


CHARGES Religious offense Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

tehranbureau: Hard Lives for Afghans in Iran

Official repression, private abuse, and widespread prejudice magnify plight.

With rising unemployment and an increasingly strained economy, the Iranian government and many of the country’s people seek the root cause of their problems in external factors. One of the favorite explanations many have latched onto of late is the presence of over two million displaced Afghans in Iran.


Despite the fact that most of the jobs taken by Afghans hold little appeal for Iranians, the Islamic Republic’s government, hand in hand with opportunistic business owners, has introduced an array of restrictions against resident Afghans, included prohibitions against the schooling of Afghan children, nonjudicial deportations, and refusal of official recognition of marriages between Afghans and Iranians. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags Israelische Linke demonstrieren gegen möglichen Krieg mit Iran

  • (sda)

Tel Aviv – Etwa 1000 Menschen haben sich an der ersten grösseren Demonstration in Israel gegen einen möglichen Krieg mit dem Iran beteiligt. Die meisten Teilnehmer kamen Presseberichten zufolge aus dem linken politischen Lager.

Angeregt durch den Erfolg der Internet-Kampagne “Israel liebt Iran” trugen viele der Demonstranten am Samstagabend in Tel Aviv Plakate mit der Aufschrift “Iraner, wir lieben euch” oder – gerichtet an die Adresse von Ministerpräsident Benjamin “Bibi” Netanjahu – “Bibi, bombardiere den Iran nicht”.

Die Demonstranten hätten unter anderem die unabsehbaren Folgen eines möglichen Militärschlags gegen iranische Atomanlagen und die zu erwartenden Opfer als Gründe genannt, berichtete die Zeitung “Jerusalem Post” am Sonntag. Auch die hohen Kosten, die zulasten sozialer Leistungen gehen würden, seien gegen einen Krieg angeführt worden.

Einer Umfrage von Anfang März zufolge sind 58 Prozent der Israelis gegen einen israelischen Alleingang gegen den Iran. Netanjahu hatte wiederholt gedroht, die iranischen Atomanlagen zu bombardieren, um Teheran nicht in den Besitz von Atomwaffen gelangen zu lassen.

Die USA drängen Israel, die Wirkung von Sanktionen abzuwarten. Nur im äussersten Notfall solle militärisch gegen den Iran vorgegangen werden. Die Führung in Teheran beteuert jedoch, das Atomprogramm diene nur friedlichen Zwecken. (SDA)

These iranians persons are not welcome – EU sanctions, the next part

The following text comes directly from the Official Journal of the European Union. It has been formatted (and, in the case of a few names, simply corrected or completed) to meet


ElahiThumbnail.jpgElahi, Mousa Khalil Prosecutor of Tabriz. Responsible for directing grave human rights violations of the right to due process.

AliFarhadiThumbnail.jpgFarhadi, Ali Prosecutor of Karaj. Responsible for grave violation of human rights in demanding the death sentence for a juvenile.
RezaJafariThumbnail.jpgJafari, Reza Head of special prosecution of cyber crime. In charge of arrests, detentions, and prosecutions of bloggers and journalists.
Sanctioned17GenericThumbnail.jpgKazemi, Toraj Colonel of the technology and communications police, he recently announced a campaign for the recruitment of government hackers in order to achieve better control of information on the Internet and attack “dangerous” sites.

SadeghLarijaniThumbnail.jpgLarijani, Sadegh Head of the judiciary. The head of the judiciary is required to consent to and sign off every ghisas (retribution), hodoud (crimes against God), and tazirat (crimes against the state) punishment. This includes sentences attracting the death penalty, floggings, and amputations. In this regard, he has personally signed off numerous death penalty sentences, contravening international standards, including stoning (16 people are currently under stoning sentence), executions by suspension strangulation, execution of juveniles, and public executions such as those where prisoners have been hung from bridges in front of crowds of thousands. He has also permitted corporal punishment sentences such as amputations and the dripping of acid into the eyes of the convicted. Since Sadegh Larijani took office, arbitrary arrests of political prisoners, human rights defenders, and minorities have increased markedly. Executions have also increased sharply since 2009. Sadegh Larijani also bears responsibility for systemic failures in the Iranian judicial process to respect the right to a fair trial.
Sanctioned17GenericThumbnail.jpgMirhejazi, Ali Deputy chief of the Supreme Leader’s office and head of security. Part of the Supreme Leader’s inner circle, responsible for planning the suppression of protests which has been implemented since 2009.

SSMortazaviThumbnail.jpgMortazavi, Seyyed Solat Deputy interior minister for political affairs. Responsible for directing repression of persons who speak up in defense of their legitimate rights, including freedom of expression.
RamezaniThumbnail.jpgRamezani, Gholam Hossein Commander of IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps] intelligence. Responsible for grave human rights violation of persons who speak up in defense of their legitimate rights, including freedom of expression. Heads department responsible for the arrest and torture of bloggers/journalists.
RaminThumbnail.jpgRamin, Mohammad Ali Main figure responsible for censorship as vice minister in charge of the press up to December 2010, he was directly responsible for the closure of many reformi[st] newspapers (Etemad, Etemad-e Melli, Shargh, etc.), closure of the Independent Press Syndicate, and the intimidation and arrest of journalists.
ReshtehAhmadiThumbnail2.jpgReshteh Ahmadi, Bahram Deputy prosecutor in Tehran. Runs Evin [Prison] prosecution center. Responsible for the denial of rights, including visits and other prisoner’s rights, to human rights defenders and political prisoners.

RezvaniThumbnail.jpgRezvani, Gholam Ali Deputy governor of Rasht. Responsible for grave violations of the right to due process.
Sanctioned17GenericThumbnail.jpgRezvan Manesh, Ali Prosecutor. Responsible for grave violation of human rights in demanding the death sentence for a juvenile.
MSadeghiThumbnail.jpgSadeghi, Mohammad Colonel and deputy [commander] of IRGC technical and cyber intelligence. Responsible for the arrests and torture of bloggers/journalists.
SaeediShahroudiThumbnail.jpgSaeedi Shahroudi, Ali Representative of the Guide [i.e., Supreme Leader] for the Pasdaran [i.e., Revolutionary Guards] since 1995 after spending his whole career within the institution of the military, and specifically in the Pasdaran intelligence service. This official role makes him the key figure in the transmission of orders emanating from the Office of the Guide to the Pasdaran’s repression apparatus.
MASharifiThumbnail.jpgSharifi, Malek Ajdar Head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan. Responsible for grave violations of the right to due process.
TaghipourThumbnail.jpgTaghipour, Reza Minister for information and communications. As minister for information, he is one of the top officials in charge of censorship and control of Internet activities and also all types of communications (notably mobile phones). During interrogations of political detainees, the interrogators make use of the detainees’ personal data, mail, and communications. On several occasions following the last presidential election and during street demonstrations, mobile lines and text messaging were blocked, satellite TV channels were jammed, and the Internet locally suspended or at least slowed down.
ZarghamiThumbnail.jpgZarghami, Ezatollah As head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), he is responsible for all programming decisions. IRIB has broadcast forced confessions of detainees and a series of “show trials” in August 2009 and December 2011. These constitute a clear violation of international provisions on fair trial and the right to due process.

BILD: Zentralrat der Juden kritisiert ZDF

Zentralrat der Juden kritisiert ZDF wegen Ahmadinedschad-InterviewInterview in Teheran: ZDF-Moderator Claus Kleber mit Irans Präsidenten Mahmud Ahmadinedschad am vergangenen Sonntag

Foto: ZDF
  • BILD am Sonntag


Berlin – Es war das Interview der Woche: ZDF-Moderator Claus Kleber traf am vergangenen Sonntag den iranischen Präsidenten Mahmud Ahmadinedschad in Teheran.

Dieter Graumann, Präsident des Zentralrats der JudenDieter Graumann, Präsident des Zentralrats der Juden

Foto: Imago

Als dieser im Gespräch den Holocaust leugnete, widersprach Kleber nicht. Jetzt wird er dafür scharf kritisiert.

Der Präsident des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland, Dieter Graumann, wirft dem ZDF vor, Ahmadinedschad eine Bühne geboten zu haben: „Ich bin sehr enttäuscht, dass ein angesehener deutscher Journalist – und obendrein in einem öffentlich-rechtlichen Sender – derart dreiste Bemerkungen einfach unwidersprochen lässt und so dem notorischen Holocaust-Leugner Ahmadinedschad bereitwillig die Plattform gibt, um sein übles Gift zu verbreiten.“ Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Mit dem Auto/Motorrad durch Iran – Reisebericht (2011) von Beatrice Fischer, Schweiz

07. Oktober 2011

Von Orumiyeh nach Ardabil

Heute standen der Orumiyeh-See, ein Salzsee, 50 mal so gross wie der Bodensee, Fotoshooting und die Motorräder im Vordergrund.

Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iran Snap Analysis: The Regime’s False Proclamation of an American “Retreat”

Ayatollah Ahmad KhatamiA valuable lesson in how the Iranian regime can re-write developments to proclaim victory over “America”….

In the Tehran Friday Prayer, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami confidently explained;

The massive turnout of the Iranian people in the country’s parliamentary elections brought the US and Europe such a failure that they had to ease their sanctions against Iran….This blow forced the US to soften sanctions endorsed by its allies on the country’s oil industry…The Iranian nation’s move compelled them to regret their wrongdoings.

Khatami was far from the only voice making the proclamation. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Mohammad Reza Bahonar said the US had retreated while the European Union “realised its mistake”.   Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iran Propaganda Special: US Officials Spin Away from War

On Friday, Reuters published a significant article by Tabassum Zakaria and Mark Hosenball, “Intel Shows Iran Nuclear Threat Not Imminent“.

The significance, however, is not in the “Intel”: the information in the article is far from new. What is significant is that, in the battle amongst US officials to set the agenda over Iran, this information has not only resurfaced but has gained the upper hand.

For months, the analysis that “Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is probably years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead”, put forward in the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, had been pushed aside. Instead — partly because of pressure from Congress, partly because of its own drive for tough sanctions — the Administration had used compliant reporters to put out the spectre of an imminent Iranian threat.

This was just a spectre: there has little if any information since 2007 pointing to a resumption of a militarised Iranian programme. However, politics ruled the day in the presentation of the nuclear issue. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

The Latest from Iran (24 March): Putting Out the Propaganda

1900 GMT: We are taking a Saturday night break — Live Coverage will be back at 0630 GMT.

1536 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. An open letter from 120 activistsdemands the release of photojournalist Tahmineh Monzavi.

Monzavi was seized at the start of March. Her work, including High Fashion in Tehran and Women in Grap Garden Alley, often deals with homeless women who are cast off from society.

1506 GMT: Economy Watch. Yahya Al-Ishagh, head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce has declared “We are in an economic war.” He said the Government’s declared 8% growth rate had not been realised and authorities should support domestic production through use of oil income. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags


AI-Index: MDE 13/017/2012 Datum: 21. März 2012 – we
Unmittelbar drohende Hinrichtung

Habibollah Golparipour, ein Angehöriger der kurdischen Minderheit im Iran, wurde 2010 zum Tode verurteilt. Jetzt wurde er in das Semnan Gefängnis, im Norden des Iran verlegt. Seine Familie darf ihn seitdem nicht mehr besuchen. Die Hinrichtung von Habibollah Golparipour könnte unmittelbar bevorstehen.

Habibollah Golparipour wurde am 27. September 2009 festgenommen, als er sich im Nordwesten des Irans, auf dem Weg von der Stadt Mahabad nach Urmia befand. In einem Brief an den Obersten Religionsführer des Irans, der im Dezember 2010 veröffentlicht wurde, gab er an, während seines Verhörs gefoltert worden zu sein. Habibollah Golparipour war am 15. März 2010 vor der ersten Kammer des Revolutionsgerichts von Mahabad erschienen und wurde zum Tode verurteilt. Man sprach ihn wegen der Zusammenarbeit mit der „Partei für ein Freies Leben in Kurdistan“ (PJAK), einer verbotenen bewaffneten kurdischen Widerstandsgruppe, der „Feindschaft zu Gott“ (moharebeh) schuldig. Das Gerichtsverfahren dauerte nach Angaben von Habibollah Golparipour lediglich fünf Minuten. Der Schuldspruch sowie das Todesurteil gegen Habibollah Golparipour wurden am 1. August 2010 durch die 31. Kammer des Obersten Gerichtshofes und am 9. Juni 2011 nach erneuter richterlicher Überprüfung bestätigt. Laut Gerichtsunterlagen bestritt Habibollah Golparipour jede Verwicklung in bewaffnete Kämpfe, gab jedoch an, die Widerstandsgruppe PJAK finanziell unterstützt zu haben. Weiterhin hatte Habibollah Golparipour sich laut der Unterlagen dazu geäussert, wie man ihn behandelte. Es gibt bislang keinen Hinweis darauf, dass die von Habibollah Golparipour geäusserten Vorwürfe der Folter und anderer Misshandlungen untersucht worden sind. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Spiegel: Wahlmanipulation in Iran – Wie die Ajatollahs das Volk austricksen

Von Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Irans Ajatollah Ali Chamenei: Mathematische Widersprüche beim WahlergebnisZur Großansicht


Irans Ajatollah Ali Chamenei: Mathematische Widersprüche beim Wahlergebnis

Wer hat die Wahl in Iran gewonnen? Drei Wochen nach dem Urnengang hat das Regime immer noch kein konkretes Ergebnis vorgelegt, die veröffentlichten Werte widersprechen sich. Offenbar hat die Boykottstrategie der Opposition funktioniert. Jetzt knöpfen sich die Teheraner Herrscher das Internet vor.

Teheran – “Ein Lügner hat kein gutes Gedächtnis”, lautet ein altes persisches Sprichwort. Heute würde mal wohl eher sagen: Ein Lügner ist kein guter Mathematiker. Denn das beweist das iranische Regime gerade bei seinem Umgang mit den Ergebnissen der Parlamentswahl vor drei Wochen. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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