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URGENT! Protect students‘ rights in Iran! Free Majid Tavakkoli!

Iranian authorities are threatening to tack outrageous charges onto Majid Tavokkoli’s eight and a half year prison sentence because he supported student activism.
Protect students‘ rights in Iran! Free Majid Tavakkoli!

In 2009, hundreds of thousands of people in Iran took to the streets to protest disputed presidential election results. Majid Tavakkoli, a student leader, was one of the thousands who exercised his right to peaceful protest.

He is now serving more than 8 years in prison for a speech that criticized the government.

Now that protest movements calling for accountability and respect for human rights are sweeping through Tunisia, Egypt, and much of the rest of the Middle East and North Africa, we should remember the brave activists, like Majid Tavakkoli, who continue to speak out in Iran regardless of the potential consequences.

Authorities may tack outrageous charges onto Majid’s sentence for a letter he co-wrote while in prison praising fellow students for their peaceful activism.

There are two very important steps we can take right now to help Majid and to ensure that students‘ rights to freedom of expression and association in Iran are protected:

  1. Send an email to the Head of the Judiciary in Iran: Urge him to free Majid Tavakkoli!
  2. Stand in solidarity with Majid and other prisoners of conscience during our virtual protest in Azadi Square in June by uploading a picture of yourself to Flickr.

Without action, Iranian students will continue to face egregious forms of repression and human rights abuses. Iranian authorities will clamp down on students like Majid, who are opposed to their policies. Those who dare speak out will do so at great risk and with devastating consequences.

But in Azadi Square, there’s hope.

Azadi Square holds a special place in Iran’s history. It has been the site of countless demonstrations, including the largest post-election protest which was organized by students. In fact, ‚Azadi‘ means freedom in Persian.

That’s why in June we’re again turning Azadi Square into the main stage for both freedom and students‘ rights.

Your actions are simple, but the effect can be incredible.

Join us in Azadi Square. Speak out for Majid. Stand up for human rights.

In Solidarity,

ICRIR: URGENT: Mehdi to be Illegally Deported by Sweden! || Formerly: Take Action! The story of rights activist Mohammad Mehdi Maleki, at risk of illegal deportation by Sweden to Iran | محمد مهدی ملکی

URGENT UPDATE! URGENT: Mehdi’s Appeal to Stop Deportation to Iran Denied by Sweden!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011: News has just reached us that Mehdi Maleki is on dry hunger strike after the government of Sweden has illegally denied his application for asylum for the second time; they can deport him at any moment.

Mehdi’s story appears below. We all know what will happen to him if he is returned to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Sweden’s actions are illegal under international law, and they are sending this man to certain detention and torture if not execution.

We urgently need to raise funds to retain a lawyer to sto Mehdi’s deportation. Any amount you can give will help. Please donate at the Chip-In page for Mehdi.

We will publish a letter of receipt of the funds by the lawyer on the website as well as on

If for whatever reason we cannot raise enough money to retain a lawyer, or we we raise more than is required, all funds collected will be used directly for refugee support and will be publicly documented on the above website.

Please help to stop the Swedish government from sending this young man to detention, torture, and probable execution by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is the story of Mohammad Mehdi Maleki, a rights activist on the verge of being illegally deported to Iran by the Swedish government, where he will with certainty be detained, tortured, and possibly executed because he opposes the inhumanity of the Islamic Republic dictatorship; he is also a convert to Christianity, which is punishable by death in Iran. Below Mohammad’s story, there is a letter-writing action, with sample letter and email addresses – we urge everyone to participate. Iranian refugees sent back to the Islamic Republic today become political prisoners tomorrow.
(The Farsi version of Mr. Maleki’s story appears below the letter-writing action.)

Mohammad Mehdi Maleki
Country of origin: Iran
File No: 10983677

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Pressekonferenz zur Iranpolitik der Bundesregierung

“Menschenrechte gegen Geld” im Haus der Bundespressekonferenz

Freitag 8.April 2011 ab 11:00
Haus der Bundespressekonferenz
Raum 0107 – Erdgeschoss

Christian Zimmermann
Haus der Bundespressekonferenz
Schiffbauerdamm 40, 10117 Berlin

Pressegespräch zur wertegebundenen Außenpolitik des Herrn Westerwelle.
Darf man ein Regime unterstützen,das das eigene Volk stranguliert, Terror weltweit verbreitet und dass Israel vernichten will? Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Auszüge aus den Strafgesetzen der Islamischen Republik Iran

Auszüge aus den Strafgesetzen der Islamischen Republik Iran

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