URGENT!!! ICRIR: Activist Hesaam Yousefi Arrested in Iraq; In Imminent Danger of Deportation to Iran

[FARSI below] Hesaam Yousefi is an Iranian political and human rights activist. According to our sources he was arrested during a May 1st demonstration in Kirkuk, Iraq by Kurdistan Regional Government security forces (Asaayesh). On several occasions, he had contacted UNHCR in Solaymaniyah to register as an asylum-seeker without any result – he, like many others, was refused registration with UNHCR.

Hesaam is currently being held in Qodiyah Prison in Kirkuk, Iraq. He is to have a court “hearing” tomorrow, after which it is believed that he will be immediately deported to Iran, where his life will be at extreme risk.

We strongly condemn any attempts to deport Hesaam to Iran and hold the Iraqi government, the KRG, and UNHCR responsible for Hesaam’s safety.

We will disseminate detailed information regarding Hesaam’s arrest and his situation shortly.

In the meantime, please write urgently to the following:
– Iraqi Embassy in your country: (for United States, please urgently call +1-202-742-1600, and KEEP CALLING until Hesaam is free)
– UNHCR High Commissioner António Guterres (guterres@unhcr.org)
– Rana Ksaifi at UNHCR in Iraq (ksaifi@unhcr.org)
– Inspector General at UNHCR in Geneva (inspector@unhcr.org)


حسام یوسفی فعال حقوق بشر در خطر است

بنا به اطلاعاتی‌ که منابع ما از کردستان عراق فرستاده اند حسام یوسفی در جریان یک تظاهرات در شهر کرکوک عراق توسط نیروهای امنیتی حکومت خودمختار کردستان عراق دستگیر شده است. حسام که یک فعال حقوق بشر و یک پناهجو است در خطر تبعید فوری میباشد. حسام بارها به اداره پناهندگان سازمان ملل در شهر سلیمانیه مراجعه کرده ولی‌ هر بار سر دوانده شده بود. ما در ارتباط با عواقب دیپورت اجباری حسام به ایران به مقامات دولت عراق اخطار داده و کمیساریای عالی‌ پناهندگی سازمان ملل، دولت عراق، و حکومت خدمختار کردستان عراق را در قبال حفظ امنیت و حقوق حسام یوسفی مسول میدانیم.

اطلاعات بیشتر متعاقبا به اطلاع شما خواهد رسید

Members of the ICRIR include Action for Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East, International Federation for Iranian Refugees, Iranian Refugees Action Network, Iranian Refugee Amnesty Network, and Mission Free Iran.

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