Focus on political prisoners in Iran!And now about Zia Nabavi the Iranian political prisoner.Zia speaks about“Karoon“prison in Ahwaz city !

Zia Nabavi is a student expelled from school and deprived from education by Islamic Republic regime . He is a “ Setareh dar “ student ( student with star ). Regime’s policy towards student activists is to mark them as student with star -One star – two star or…… Zia Nabavi was arrested after the presidential election coup two years ago , in protest against the election rigging. He has been in prison for almost two years now and he spent half of his prison term in „Karoon “ prison in the city of Ahwaz as a harsher punishment ( an internal exile by regime) . In a letter to „Mohammad Javad Ardeshir Larijani“ the head of regime human rights commission , he wrote: If i explain it in short ,the situation of this prison is “ at the border between human lives and animal lives“ . Instead of talking about himself , Zia spoke about the inhuman condition of this prison. He explains about the situation of this prison through the eyes of an Engineering student:
“ What is going on here is undescribable.I haven’t experienced this conditions before and i haven’t even heard or red about it anywhere.No film or story showed or told about this conditions .Lots of people in a small space with no place to walk or an open area to breat.For the last few months that i’m here , i’m losing the concept of human lives from my mind.“
In his letter, Zia added:
„The main and biggest problem of „Karoon prison“ is the massive number of population, for example in ward number 6 where i live ,there must be 110 people based on the number of beds, but on average there asre 300 people, this means three times more. This is in a way that ; even if the people stand close to each other , there would be no space in the rooms. Therefore, lots of people including me sleep on the floor. Close to 1/3 rd of the prison population sleep in prison yard ( Hayat Khab), under the heat of the sun or cold . There are prisoners who do not have place to sleep ,therefore sometimes when it rain they sleep in „Cheragh Khaneh“ ( Kitchen) or in Bathroom or washroom.This is horrendous ,but my only hope is to stay alive. While the ward number 6 is known as „Security ward“ but only 1/6 of the prisoners are political or prisoners with security issue, but the rest are drug dealers or robberers. The other problem is the deteriorating swage system, where rat and cockroaches comes out of the pipes. another problem which is more serious is the leakage from swage system and the smell , which causes theose who sleep in the yard to look for another place to sleep.Since the prisoners have no other place , they return to the same smelly area to seat or sleep……….“
Link in Farsi:
Zia Nabavi was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment (with internal exile)by judge Pirabbasi, judege of the division 26 of the court of revolution.This sentencing later was reduced to 11 years imprisonment.Zia is accused of having relation with „Mojahedin Khalgh“ organization, which he denied and he expressed his dislike of this organization.

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