EILMELDUNG!!!!!Illegal Deportation of Sirvan Foroutan Halted at Last Moment

Dear friends:

Thanks to activists working around the clock and without sleep for the past week, and thanks to everyone who called, wrote, or otherwise applied pressure to the Swedish government, the life of Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan has been saved. Not even an hour before his flight was scheduled to depart for Tehran, the deportation of the Komala activist was halted.

Many thanks to all of you who demonstrated, wrote, called, or otherwise helped to stop this crime from taking place. It is a victory for the humane front, and for all Iranian refugees and others under the same pressures. It is a victory for all revolutionary people in Iran. It a victory for all of us.

Mission Free Iran
International Coalition for the Rights of Iranian Refugees

Anmerkung: Wir von der Flüchtlingshilfe-Iran e.V. möchten allen Unterstützern in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland danken!

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