ICRIR: CALL to PROTEST: URGENT EMERGENCY: Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan’s Deportation Is Finalized

ICRIR member IFIR, the International Federation of Iranian Refugees, is coordinating demonstrations and other protest actions in Sweden to stop the deportation of Iranian refugee Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan, whose life will be at risk should he be returned to Iran. This post conveys their urgent call to protest in Stockholm tomorrow at 9am outside of the Swedish Immigration Office. We urge all people with the possibility of joining to do so. Their original call in Farsi appears as a document below the English translation:

URGENT EMERGENCY: Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan’s Deportation Is Finalized

At this moment, there is a crowd of freedom lovers gathered outside the Migration Office Detention Center in Stockholm. We have only a few hours‘ time to save Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan from the danger of deportation to Iran. Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan was connected to Komala (Kurdistan Organization of the Communist Party of Iran) before leaving Iran and was engaged in clandestine activities [against the Islamic Republic of Iran]. In the year 2004, when he was exposed, he left his residence in Sanandaj and joined Komala’s organization in Iraq. The Swedish Immigration Office, despite all of our efforts and the confirmations of political organizations regarding the authenticity of Mohammad Sirvan Foroutan’s claim, has decided to deport him to Iran. He is going to be deported from Arlanda Airport tomorrow, Friday, at 14:00.

In order to protest the implementation of Sirvan’s deportation sentence, tomorrow, Friday at 9:00am, we will gather urgently. We need to stop the deportation of Sirvan by any means. His life is in danger.

On Thursday, 5 May 2011, Aftonbladet has published an article based on a letter written by the Federation and sent to the European Court; this article has the signatures of three Members of Parliament under it.

Protest Information:
Friday, 6 May 2011
Immigration Office in Stockholm
Solna, Pyramidwagen 2A

International Federation for Iranian Refugees – Stockholm
Contact telephone: 070-71-755-42

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