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The Mother of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi Has Been Arrested at Her Sons‘ Funeral

The mother of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi, at the funeral of her beloved sons, declared: „Don’t cry – this is festival of FREEDOM!“

At the funeral, they played music & danced, as is tradition in the region. One hundred shots were fired over the graves. Music, dance & arms, despite the presence of regime forces. During the funeral procession, there were banners & posters for the boys lining the streets. There was also a videographer there to record the funeral. The regime’s security forces didn’t dare come close while the funeral was ongoing; they watched from a distance.

During the funeral, the mother of Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, who struggled to keep her sons alive, has been arrested by Islamic Republic forces. The videographer & the person who fired the shots over the boys‘ grave have also been arrested by this murderous & barbaric regime.

We condemn this barbaric regime’s arrest of the woman whose sons were brutally executed by the Islamic Republic murderers yesterday.
Down with the Islamic Republic! Long live freedom and humanity!


It’s Time to Come to the Streets Worldwide Again This June. Free All Political Prisoners! Not One More Execution!

The prisons of the Islamic Republic are overflowing with people detained for political reasons. The Islamic Republic is executing people at an apalling rate, most recently Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, young brothers who were executed because their family members were political activists. Now their mother has been added to the ranks of political prisoners: she was arrested at their funeral.

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Investigate Torture and Mass Due Process Violations Detailed by Prominent Prisoners of Conscience

(16 May 2011) The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iranendorsed the call, by prominent prisoners of conscience, for an investigation into torture and mass due process violations and infringements on protections in Iran’s Citizen’s Bill of Rights following the 2009 presidential election. The Campaign called on the Central Committee charged with implementing the Citizen’s Bill of Rights to conduct a full and independent investigation into all allegations of abuse, and overturn convictions of political prisoners based on tainted evidence.

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