It’s Time to Come to the Streets Worldwide Again This June. Free All Political Prisoners! Not One More Execution!

The prisons of the Islamic Republic are overflowing with people detained for political reasons. The Islamic Republic is executing people at an apalling rate, most recently Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, young brothers who were executed because their family members were political activists. Now their mother has been added to the ranks of political prisoners: she was arrested at their funeral.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH. It is time to bring people to the street in cities worldwide again to oppose the bloody barbarity of the Islamic Republic regime. OUR humane society DOES NOT TOLERATE this bloodshed in silence!

Mission Free Iran supports the call of the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran to mark June 20 as the Global Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran. For those whose names we know. For those who remain unnamed. For those suffering unspeakable tortures in the hell of the Islamic Republic’s prisons. We demand in ONE voice: FREE THEM NOW! Not One More Execution in Iran!

On this page we will maintain a list of cities participating in the June 20 Global Protests. June 20 is a Monday, which is not feasible for many people to hold an action; we encourage everyone to consider holding a demonstration on June 18 or June 19 to support the Global Day.

Participating cities thus far include:

City: London
Date: Monday 20th June 2011
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Place: In front of Iranian Embassy, 16 Prince´s Gate, London SW7 1PT
(Nearest underground station: High Street Kensington and also Knightsbridge)
Contact: Shiva Mahbobi 07572356661

City: Oslo
Date: Saturday 18th June 2011
Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Place: In front of Parliament
Contact: Abolghasem Kardar +47 4133 3268

City: Örebro
Date: Saturday 18 June
Place: Stortorget 1700-1900
Contact: Navid Mirpourzadeh, Mission Free Iran (Mobile: 0736587957;

City: Washington DC
Date: Forthcoming
Time: 1pm
Place: Forthcoming
Contact: Maria Rohaly, Mission Free Iran (; 240-595-2633)


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