URGENT!!!ACTION REQUIRED: Stop Illegal Deportation of Hussein Gafeel Hwaees from Iraq to Iran!

Mr Hussein Gafeel Hwaees (born 16 May 1984 in Ahwaz, Iran) is an Iranian asylum seeker in Iraq. He has been illegally imprisoned at Markazi Amarah, Mayson Province, Iraq, and is shortly to be handed over to Iranian authorities, even though this is contrary to Iraqi laws and treaties under the United Nations Convention Against Torture. If Hussein is forced to return to Iran, he is at great risk of imprisonment and torture.

We only have about 10 hours to act on his behalf, as his case has only recently been brought to our attention. Please help to prevent the illegal refoulement of Hussein. In order to do this, pressure must be applied to the Iraqi Justice Minister by the highest officials that we can contact, for example Iraqi Embassies or senior government officials worldwide.

This action must happen today, urgently, as Hussein is due to be illegally returned to Iran within the next 10 hours. Please email, fax or call Iraqi Embassy officials, provide them with Hussein’s full name, date of birth and place of imprisonment (as above) and ask them to urgently contact the Iraqi Justice Minister and demand the following:

1) An urgent halt to the deportation of Hussein Gafeel Hwaees;

2) Turning the custody of Hussein Gafeel Hwaees over to the UNHCR so that they can pursue his case and stop his refoulement.

Phone and fax numbers for the Iraqi Embassy in your country: (for United States, please urgently call +1-202-742-1600, and KEEP CALLING until Hussein is free)
– UNHCR High Commissioner António Guterres (guterres@unhcr.org)
– Rana Ksaifi at UNHCR in Iraq (ksaifi@unhcr.org


Botschaft des Iraks (Berlin): info@iraqiembassy-berlin.de

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