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The New International Focus on Human Rights in Iran (Commentary)

By Dokhi Fassihian

U.N. Appointment of Special Rapporteur a Major Step

[ comment ]On March 25, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted to single out Iran as a nation deserving of a special rapporteur on human rights to monitor its suspected abuses. The appointment of the rapporteur is expected this month. He or she will be appointed by the Human Rights Council to monitor the human rights situation in Iran and report back to the international body.

Almost two years after the Iranian government initiated a brutal crackdown against its people following the mass protests after the disputed presidential elections of 2009, the Human Rights Council established the new post of an independent human rights expert to investigate and report on violations taking place inside the country. The initiative, led by the United States and Sweden, came after many months of intense advocacy by the human rights community, as well as Iranian advocacy organizations, which worked to overcome political challenges to finally achieve international action on Iran.
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The superior court of Islamic Republic abolished the death penalty for Iranian-Canadian Said Malekpour !

The lawyers handeling the case of Said Malekpourtold to Jaras website that , the superior court of Islamic Republic has cancelled the death penalty sentence against Said Malekpour the Iranian-Canadian citizen.
A hearing which was presented by Lawyers;:Mahmoud Alizadeh and Mr. Ghajar in superior court convinced the judge and after accepting the argument the judge ordered the abolishment of death sentence.
Mr. Alizadeh Tabatabaei told jaras that we hope this process and technical question will continue untill all of Mr. Malekpour problem resolved.
Said Malekpour is a graduate in Metalurgical Engineering from „Sanati Sharif “ University in Iran and he was living in Canada and when returned to Iran in October 2008 was arrested and detained . He was been allegedly charged designing a pornographical website for a client which become the case against him in Islamic Republic court.
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