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Support Iran Disclosure Project

The Iran Disclosure Project, which was launched on January 12, 2010, is a UANI initiative to call on companies to end their business in Iran and to identify publicly-traded companies that have failed to disclose to investors the legal and financial peril associated with their business dealings in Iran.

Iran News Round Up (June 13)

Iranians mark anniversary of controversial 2009 presidential election; key Ahmadinejad aide not under house arrest; 200 lawmakers ask government not merge cabinets; details emerge about Ahmadinejad’s conflict with Supreme Leader; Muslim Brotherhood senior official accuses U.S., Saudi Arabia of preventing Cairo from normalizing ties with Tehran

  • Anniversary of the 2009 presidential election:
  • As political prisoner Hoda Saber dies because on a hunger strike, the public in front of the Moddares Hospital demands that her corpse be delivered to her family. Video:
  • BBC Persian reports „silent protest“ of the public near Vanak and Vali Asr squares of Tehran.
  • Kaleme, mouthpiece of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, reports „silent demonstrations of the people,“ in Tehran carefully watched by the security forces.
  • Chinejan blog reports stores closed and large presence of security forces in Abbasabad neighborhood of Tehran.


One of the Iranian regime’s preferred methods of execution is public hanging from a construction crane. As Iran sets a blistering pace of executions in the first months of 2011 (the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has said the regime is on an „execution binge“), this abhorrent method of public execution and the companies that facilitate it deserve attention. Since the New Year, according to the International Campaign For Abolishing the Death Penalty in Iran,more than 132 executions have taken place.

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Countering the Threat Lurking in Iran


Members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard participate in a Quds Day demonstration in 2007. One covers his chest with a portrait of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.
One of the greatest dangers to Middle East peace and security is the threat of Shiite Islamic extremism emanating from Iran. The leaders of Iran’s Islamic Republic seek to create a power base of likeminded regimes stretching across the upper tier of the predominantly Sunni Muslim Arab world (Iraq, Syria and Lebanon). Their prime instruments for doing so are the notorious Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, terror proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas, and generations of Shiite and Palestinian youth indoctrinated on Islamic law and Islamic extremism. If that isn’t bad enough, Iran stands on the precipice of developing nuclear weapons capability in defiance of a series of United Nations resolutions and sanctions.

Iran: Proteste 2011 – Videoübersicht

Ron Leshem: „Der geheime Basar“ Teheraner Traum von Freiheit

Die "Grüne Revolution": Vor den Demonstrationen standen die Träume. Die „Grüne Revolution“: Vor den Demonstrationen standen die Träume.
(Foto: AP)

Ron Leshem: „Der geheime Basar“Teheraner Traum von Freiheit

von Samira Lazarovic

Der junge Kami sucht in Teheran das wahre Leben. Unter den Augen der Sittenwächter erkämpfen er und seine Freunde sich ihre Freiheiten: Partys, Drogen, Sex – alles scheint im Untergrund möglich. Doch das Regime fängt sie grausam wieder ein. Mit „Der geheime Basar“ spürt der Israeli Ron Leshem den Zeitgeist einer Jugend auf, die der Westen lange ignoriert hat.

Mother of Mohammad & Abdollah Fathi Calls for Campaign against Execution in Iran | پیام مهوش علاسوندی مادر عبداله و محمد فتحی علیه اعدام ها در ایرا

In the name of Humanity and Freedom. I am Mahvash Fathi, the mother of Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi, who were recently executed at the hands of the [Iranian] regime’s executioners. In the wake of the anniversary of the mass murders of the 1980s and, in particular, June 20th and the mass executions of 1988, and the continuation of executions as late as today, I am inviting all families who have lost their loved ones – their children, spouses, brothers, and sisters – to executions to join me in a protest against these executions.

I’m also asking all freedom-loving people of the world, wherever they may be, to declare June 20 – 28 as days to declare “No to Execution.” By organizing and demonstrating their opposition to execution throughout this week to condemn this inhumane act – which is government-sponsored murder, born of stone-age thoughts aimed at annihilating the opposition so they can continue with their power-hungry dictatorial rule, shameful existence, and plundering of the national wealth of whatever country they’re in charge of – I’m hoping that this act, repeated every year on its anniversary, with the aid of aware and awakened individuals, will mark the beginning of a movement and the arrival of a day when we no longer have to witness such inhumane acts, and we live, instead, in a humane world free of executions.

I’m hoping for that day.

Again, this is Mahvash Fathi, the mother of Mohammad and Abdollah Fathi.

Translation by Ham Sangar.

Iran: June 12 – in den deutschen/internationalen/iranischen Medien und Video/Fotos

Zwei Jahre nach der umstrittenen Wiederwahl von Präsident Ahmadinedschad ziehen Oppositionelle bei einem Schweigemarsch durch Teheran. Die Sicherheitskräfte reagieren mit Schlagstöcken und Festnahmen. Derweil stirbt in einem iranischen Gefängnis ein Dissident – der dritte innerhalb weniger Wochen.
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