Iran News Round Up 14.Juni 2011

Bahonar says ‘deviant current’ excluded from body of conservative parliamentary candidates; Iran reiterates support for Palestinian state; Ahmadinejad meets Chinese president at Shanghai summit; IRGC awarded new construction projects; Supreme Leader pardons dozens of prisoners


Military and Security

  • Sobh-e Sadeq columnist Mohammad Hasher Yazdani:
    • Exporting the Islamic revolution to the world was among the hopes of the founder of the revolution. His compassionate screams waking the sleeping Arab nations in order to join the wave of the Islamic revolution have been heard after 30 years. From its very beginning, the export of the revolution was not to the liking of some gray vanguards of the revolution… They [opponents of the export of the revolution] mockingly called the pure revolutionary forces ‚extremist idealists,‘ ‚the revolution in their own country has so many fundamental problems, but they want to export it!‘ But because of His Holiness the Imam and his firm opposition to such deviant thoughts, their breath was choked in their throats. Following the passing of His Holiness Imam Khomeini and the choice of His Highness Imam Khamenei, this so-called rationalist group, abused the magnanimity, high mindedness and isolation of Imam Khamenei and very quickly began replacing the revolutionary vocabulary with Western vocabulary in order to gradually change the illuminating work of the Islamic revolution and to restrict it to the geographic borders [of Iran]. Imam was changed into ‚Leader,‘ ‚Umma‘ [the Islamic community of believers] was replaced with ‚mellat‘, [nation] ‚Mostazaf‘ [downtrodden, meek] was changed into qeshr-e asib-pazir [vulnerable class] and the like. The Kargozaran [technocrats, reference to Rafsanjani] made a vocabulary, the reforms [reference to former president Mohammad Khatami] colored them and sold them to the public… But expediency is saving the revolutionary vocabulary… Therefore, we will return to our revolutionary vocabulary to export our revolution under the mantle of the leadership of Imam Khamenei.“
  • Sobh-e Sadeq predicts that the ruling family of Bahrain has chosen „a costly way of achieving peace“ and „will experience more difficulties“ in the future.
  • Mohammad Abolhassani, Revolutionary Guards Human Resource Bureau deputy, discusses improvement of the work environment in the IRGC.
  • Gholam-Ali Kaffash, Revolutionary Guards Qods Base chief medic, discusses the role of the IRGC in improvement of public health in Sistan va Balouchestan province.
  • According to Rostam Qassemi, chief of the IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbia Construction Base, the IRGC is tasked with building „60 breakwater [structures] in 60 different placesaround the country.“

Religion, Society and Culture

Iran in the Afghan Media

Photo of the Day

Author: Ali Alfoneh      Editors: Michael Rubin and Ahmad Majidyar


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