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Eye on Iran – 24. Juni 2011

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WSJ: „The U.S. imposed sanctions Thursday on the Iranian state airline and a ports operator for allegedly helping the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps move weapons to Tehran’s allies around the Middle East. The sanctions are the latest American bid to use economic pressure to try to weaken the Tehran regime, the main U.S. nemesis in the region. Top administration officials said Thursday’s action was targeted specifically at the Revolutionary Guard, an elite unit of Iran’s security forces they said is Tehran’s domestic enforcer, plays a major role in proliferation activity, supports terrorism in the region, and commits human-rights abuses at home. The U.S. Treasury targeted Tidewater Middle East Co., a port operator it says is owned by the Guard, and Iran Air, a carrier used by the Guard and Iranian military. Sanctions were also levied on an Iranian official, Behnam Shahriyari, for allegedly helping to provide weapons to Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based militant group… Tidewater Middle East has operations at seven Iranian ports, including the country’s biggest shipping-container facility. „The Iranian Government has repeatedly used Tidewater-managed ports to export arms or related materiel“ in violation of United Nations resolutions, Treasury said. Shipping firms that knowingly do business with Tidewater Middle East could be barred from dealing with U.S. financial institutions, which Treasury officials said could put pressure on an important part of Iran’s trade infrastructure. Treasury officials said they weren’t sure if Tidewater had any assets in the U.S. that could be frozen. They also said the sanctions wouldn’t affect Iran’s oil trade, which bypasses Tidewater-controlled ports.“
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Death in Prison: No One Held Accountable


International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

June 2011

Since 2003, 17 political prisoners and prisoners of conscience have died while in custody in Iranian prisons allegedly due to torture, medical neglect, and misconduct of prison authorities. Six of the prisoners were detained and died after the 2009 election and the ensuing crackdown on government critics and political opponents. For most of these deaths, no one has yet been held accountable, despite the fact that in all these instances, family members or lawyers of the prisoners have alleged that authorities were responsible for the deaths due to their physical abuse of the inmate or inadequate medical attention.

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ادامه مصونیت از مجازات خاطیان جان زندانیان در اعتصاب غذا را به خطر انداخته است

ادامه مصونیت از مجازات خاطیان جان زندانیان در اعتصاب غذا را به خطر انداخته است
گزارش جدید در بارۀ مرگ در زندانهای ایران نگرانی ها را برای جان ۱۸ زندانی اعتصاب غذا کننده افزایش می دهد
(۳ تیر ۱۳۹۰)  همزمان با انتشار یک گزارش جدید، مرگ در زندان: پرونده های همیشه باز ،  کمپین بین المللی حقوق بشر در ایران امروز گفت که مروری بر سابقۀ شکنجه، ضرب و شتم و عدم رسیدگی پزشکی در زندانهای ایران در سالهای گذشته نشان میدهد که جان زندانیان عقیدتی-سیاسی در خطر است.  کمپین عالیرتبه ترین مقامات ایرانی را مسئول سلامتی و جان هجده زندانی عقیدتی که اینک در ششمین روز اعتصاب غذا به سر می برند، میداند.
آرون رودز، سخنگوی کمپین گفت:  „زندانهای ایران دام مرگ زندانیان عقیدتی هستند.“  وی افزود:  „مصونیت از مجازات نامحدود خاطیان که طی سالهای گذشته منجر به مرگ شماری از زندانیان بخصوص در مورد مرگ اخیر هدی صابرشده است باید به پایان برسد .“
این گزارش مرگ ۱۷ زندانی سیاسی و عقیدتی که از سال ۱۳۸۲ تا کنون در زندانهای ایران جان سپرده اند و ادعا می شود علت مرگ آنها شکنجه، بی اعتنایی پزشکی، و بدرفتاری مسئولین زندان بوده است را مستند می سازد.

Following Blacklisting of Iran’s Major Port Operator, UANI Urges Shipping Companies to End Business in Iran

New York, NY – Today, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) applauded the U.S. Treasury Department for blacklisting Tidewater Middle East Co. and Iran Air for their ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and their involvement in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  UANI repeated its call to companies around the world to stop doing business with Iran.

In a statement, UANI President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace said:

In designating Tidewater and Iran Air weapons proliferators, the U.S. Treasury Department has highlighted Iran’s common tactic of exploiting shipping and cargo carriers.  The regime has a long history of falsifying cargo declarations and deceiving other nations in order to illegally import nuclear technology and ship weapons to terrorist groups.

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Iran News Round Up 23.Juni 2011

Fars News reports arrest of former Ahmadinejad’s appointee at Foreign Ministry; Supreme Leader’s aide defends IRGC’s interference in politics

  • Presidential crisis:
  • Fars News reports the arrest of Mohammad-Sharif Malekzadeh, former Ahmadinejad appointee as Foreign Ministry’s Financial and Administrative deputy and secretary general of the Council of Iranians Abroad.
  • Hojjat al-Eslam Mojtaba Zolnour, deputy representative of the Supreme Leader to the Revolutionary Guards, addressing members of the Professor’s Basij in Qom:
  • The Guards can’t remain indifferent towards political problems since it is the guardian of the Islamic revolution. It is true that the Guards should not be present in political parties, groups and circles, but no one has ever said that it should not have the ability to analyze politics… If a movement is attacking the fundamentals of the regime and the guardianship [of the jurist], should the Guards only look fearing allegations of [political] interventionism? Should [the Guards] not use the capacity of the Basij? What logic argues that the Basij is not allowed to intervene [in politics]? This is deviation. This means excluding patrons of values from the revolution…“
  • Ahmadinejad speaking to the representatives of the guilds:
    • Sir, I’m devoted to you. What is the discontent for? Tell me what you want.“
    • Answering criticism by the guilds representatives of local authorities:  „Whatever problem you have, discuss it with the minister [of commerce] and other authorities so they can find a solution for it.“
    • „Whatever we promise here we will keep. This is fundamentally why there are some who criticize us.“
  • Rafsanjani’s website releases a hitherto unseen video of Grand Ayatollah Khomeini delivering two copies of his political testament to Rafsanjani in presence of the grandees of the regime. Video:
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