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The Latest from Iran (13 July): The Opposition Re-Marks Its Ground

1415 GMT: Economy Watch (Supreme Leader Edition). Ayatollah Khamenei met members of the Chambers of Commerce in a private discussion on Tuesday. Little detail was given beyond the Supreme Leader’s pronouncement on the importance of economic jihad, but the atmosphere was „very friendly“.

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Eye in Iran – 13.Juli 2011

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Reuters: „Iran is preparing to install centrifuges for higher-grade uranium enrichment in an underground bunker, diplomatic sources say, a development that is likely to add to Western worries about Tehran’s atomic aims. Preparatory work is under way at the Fordow facility, tucked deep inside a mountain to protect it against any attacks, and machines used to refine uranium could soon be moved to the site near the clerical city of Qom, the sources said. The Islamic Republic said in June it would shift production of uranium enriched to 20 percent purity to Fordow from its main Natanz plant this year and triple output capacity, in a defiant response to charges that it is trying to make atomic bombs. Tehran only disclosed the existence of Fordow two years ago after Western intelligence detected it and said it was evidence of covert nuclear activities. The facility has yet to start operating. ‚They are preparing (for the centrifuges to be installed) in Fordow,‘ one diplomatic source said… Carrying out the process in Fordow could provide greater protection for Iran’s uranium-purifying centrifuges against any U.S. and Israeli air strikes… The Institute for Science and International Security, a U.S.-based thinktank, has said the Fordow plant could, a year after its implementation, enable Iran ‚to more quickly break out and produce enough weapon-grade uranium for a nuclear weapon, if it chose to do so.'“
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Iranian prisoners condemned to gradual death: jailed journalist

Issa Saharkhiz

In an urgent letter to a United Nations human rights official, jailed Iranian journalist Issa Saharkhiz has accused Iranian authorities of using harsh prison conditions to slowly kill political prisoners.

“What is happening now in the Islamic Republic prisons is a crime against humanity and has nothing less than Stalin’s inhumane treatment of prisoners in the forced labour camps of Siberia,” Saharkhiz wrote to Ahmad Shaheed, the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran. The letter was posted on the personal website of Mehdi Saharkhiz, the jailed journalist’s son.
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IHRDC Chart of Executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran

IHRDC Chart of Executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran

This chart documents executions of people by the Islamic Republic of Iran beginning in December 2010. The official announcements are noted but, as the Iranian government does not announce many executions, it is difficult to know the exact number. IHRDC is thus unable to confirm the unofficial reports but has provided links to PDFs of the original sources. It will update this list on a regular basis.

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