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Berlin: Iran Mahnwache 17. Juli 2011

The Latest from Iran (17 July): A Temporary Freedom

1525 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. Aftab reports on the case of actress/filmmaker Pegah Ahangarani, arrested earlier this month, noting that two years ago the hard-line Keyhan warned her not to „sell out the country“.

1520 GMT: Economy Watch. Javad Zamani, an MP for Kangavar in western Iran, has said the increase of prices in the country is indisputable, with energy costs for production units rising 20 times.

1515 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. The first photo of student activist Bahareh Hedayat after her release from prison, where she is serving a 9 1/2-year sentence, on a four-day furlough (see also 0520 and 0900 GMT):

1130 GMT: Economy Watch. Hadi Moghadasi, the head of Parliament’s Social Committee, claims that debts to the Iranian banking system have reached $80 billion.

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Syrian people in their protest burned flag of the Islamic Republic in Iran in protest to their interference in their internal politics !

Green Movement in Iran Issues New Manifesto in Wake of Arab Uprising

Editor’s Note: The following text was given to by a group of intellectuals who are leaders in the Green Movement in Tehran. They are also the authors of this manifesto.

We, dozens of groups of Green activists in Iran, have decided to offer several recommendations for the reform and strengthening of the Green Movement. These recommendations have emerged as a result of our experiences in Iran over the past two years as well as the experiences of those in other countries in the Middle East that recently have had popular revolutions aimed at overthrowing their dictatorships. These recommendations are the result of repeated discussions and debates among leaders of Green cells inside Iran, many of whom have suffered imprisonment, beatings, or other violence during demonstrations since the emergence of this popular movement.

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EIL: Maryam Majd aus dem Gefängnis entlassen – EIL

Die iranische Pressefortgrafin Maryam Majd ist aus dem Gefängnis im Iran entlassen worden. Zum Ende der Fußballweltmeisterschaft der Frauen in Deutschland, wurde die junge Frau endlich, nach mehrwöchiger Haft, entlassen.

Nachtrag: Die Entlassung aus dem Gefängnis erfolgte gegen Zahlung einer hohen Kaution. Unbestätigt sind bisher Meldungen über den schlechten Gesundheitszustand der jungen Frau. Weitere Infos folgen.

Maryam Majd, the prominent photojournalist detained last month as she planned to cover the Women’s Football World Cup in Germany, was released on bail

Abandoned to the Burning Sands: Surviving Iranian Refugees in al-Waleed Camp, Iraq, Call Out from the Desert

(the first in a series regarding the situation of Iranian refugees and their children surviving in the desert in Iraq near the Syrian border, abandoned for a lifetime by the UNHCR and responsible governments).

During the long years of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988), in an effort to extinguish all resistance to its authority, the Islamic Republic of Iran fought not only against Iraq, but against Iranian people in a war that Khomeini called the Sacred Defense. The rest of the world should not recognize that “Sacred Defense” as anything other than planned genocide of the people in Kurdistan, Iran, who have never recognized the Islamic Republic as the legitimate government of Iran. It was a “God-sent” tool the regime used to establish a barbaric rule over the freedom-loving and peaceful people of Iran.

Subjected to the strife of daily shellings and attacks during these years, thousands of Iranian Kurds were forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods and flee into Iraq to seek refuge. These asylum-seekers were relocated by the Iraqi government to the al-Tash Camp in the desert in al-Ramadi City, the center of al-Anbar Province, Iraq.

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PHOTO: A Child’s Stolen Dreams – Life for Iranian Refugees, al-Waleed Camp, Iraq

Is she fantasizing? About what? Fantasies are fed and formed by reality, one’s surroundings. What is her reality, what could be her understanding of the real world? She only knows sand and heat and cold and flood… this girl child was born in a tent and is a stateless little child. Her parents probably were also born somewhere in a camp as first generation Iranian Kurdish refugees.

Is she fantasizing? About what can she fantasize? Toys? What are those? Playing with older siblings or friends in a green and cool park?What is a park? She can fantasize about some things though: A smile on mama’s face, a father who is not constantly angry and restless, and a large, sweet orange!

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