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PHOTO: Iranian Women: „Rescue Our Children from Ignorance!“- Life for Iranian Refugees, al-Waleed Camp, Iraq

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 5. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Yet for the past 30 years people of al-Waleed have been subject to cruelty, inhumane and extremely degrading treatment by those who decorate their walls with these meaningless sentences. People in al-Waleed are deprived of their right to be heard by the outside world, the humane world.

In this photo, women of al-Waleed are on strike, demanding to be treated as human beings. The targets are the cars that occasionally drive by. Banners read “In the name of humanity…,” “Rescue our children from ignorance…,” “Where is justice?” – a questions which, in a humane world, would have gotten an appropriate answer 30 years ago. In the world of UNHCR, it has taken 30 years NOT to answer to any questions and NOT to engage in any serious action to solve ANYTHING!

Read more about the situation of Iranian Kurdish refugees at al-Waleed camp, Iraq.

Take action for the refugees struggling for their right to survive, al-Waleed camp, Iraq:
Write, call and fax key decisionmakers and demand that the rights of the Iranian Kurds in al-Waleed Camp be upheld. A sample letter that you can modify and send appears below, along with the email addresses for the relevant decisionmakers.

To the Foreign Minister/Secretary of State,

I am writing to you with regard to the intolerable situation of the Iranian Kurd refugees in al-Waleed Camp, Iraq.

The people living in this camp have suffered an entire lifetime of displacement, violence, and rightslessness, having fled Iran in the 1980s, and having survived unspeakable circumstances in Iraq over the course of the past two decades

Their current situation – living in tents in a burning desert at the Iraq-Syria border, without access to education or work or even sufficient food, with complete lack of security – is at root due to the genocidal crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran. UNHCR also bears its full share of responsibility for failing to uphold even the most basic of rights for the camp’s Iranian Kurd residents. And the United States and the coalition governments also must own their share of responsibility for their situation: theirs are among the millions of lives that have been shattered as a direct result of the most recent war of choice in Iraq.

I therefore urgently request that your government take the lead in upholding the fundamental rights of these refugees from Iran. These refugees have a fundamental human right to asylum and protection. I ask your government to coordinate the immediate resettlement of the Iranian Kurds from al-Waleed Camp in Iraq to a safe third country.

[your name]

UN, human rights addresss:,

Foreign ministries and selected other government responsibles:,,,,,,

US Contact Form

Dutch Contact Form

Media (some may bounce):,,,,,,,,

This action is supported by The Committee to Support the People of al-W

Iran News Round Up – 19.Juli 2011

Paper analyzes reformist camp in 2012 parliamentary polls; Rafsanjani says Israel not Iran’s foreign policy priority; Kayhan urges terrorism against foreign airliners refusing fuel to Iran Air; lawmaker claims IRGC downed U.S. drone flying over nuclear facility; Iran expresses readiness to study Russian proposal to resolve nuclear standoff

  • „The first group is [composed of] those reformists the greatest part of whom have left the ruling [elites], have become isolated, have gone abroad or are imprisoned. They neither desire, nor want, nor can they participate in the election and therefore their clear position is non-participation…“
  • „The second group however, is the centrist reformists led by Mohammad Khatami. They neither [desire to] topple the regime nor do they have any problem with the principle of the Islamic Republic. This group has certain demands realization of which they consider their precondition for participation in election. Khatami has earlier clarified that the reformists are not wood for an oven which bakes bread for others [regime opponents]. Correcting the law on elections, liberalizing the political atmosphere and freeing the prisoners from the post election events are among their chief demands… It is clear that under the present circumstances and the dominant atmosphere taken into consideration, this group of reformists would have a very slim chance to realize their demands, therefore, should they remain true to what they have said, the possibility of presenting candidates from this camp is very low…“
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  • The Latest from Iran (19 July): Assessing the Opposition

    1700 GMT: Ahmadinejad Watch. More on the challenge by leading MP Ahmad Tavakoli (see 1135 GMT) to the President….

    Tavakoli asked, „Why does Ahmadinejad heat up people’s expectations?„, citing three examples in two weeks: a 1000 square-metre plot of land for each Iranian family, $7 million for the Maskan Mehr building complex, and a doubling of Ph.D. students.

    Tavakoli continued that, as all these plans are factually and legally impossible, „What does Ahmadinejad aim at by making people dissatisfied?“

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    Eye on Iran – Iran Installs ‚Speedier‘ Nuclear Centrifuges

    Top Stories

    AFP: „Iran said Tuesday it has begun installing new centrifuges with ‚better quality and speed‘ to enrich uranium in its nuclear facilities, defying international demands it halt its atomic activities. ‚The installation of new centrifuges with better quality and speed is ongoing. We have announced it and the agency (UN atomic watchdog) has full supervision of them,‘ Iranian foreign minister spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters at his weekly press briefing. ‚They are fully aware that Iran’s peaceful nuclear activity continues to progress. This is another confirmation of the Islamic republic’s successful stride in its nuclear activities,‘ he added. He was responding to questions about progress in the installation of new-generation centrifuges, as per a June 8 announcement by Iran’s nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi Davani. Abbasi Davani had at the time said ‚the first cascade of 164 new-generation centrifuges‘ would soon be installed, without elaborating on the details of the new machines. He had at the same time announced that the Islamic republic would expand its production of 20 percent enriched uranium and move the work from its main enrichment plant in Natanz in central Iran, to a smaller site at Fordo, some 150 kilometres (90 miles) south of Tehran.“

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    PHOTO: Where the World Is on Fire – Life for Iranian Refugees, al-Waleed Camp, Iraq

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 17. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

    In the heat of al-Waleed camp, where in the summer midday everything reaches burning temperatures, tents catch fire. This photo shows a group of men trying to salvage what is salvageable from their “property” after yet another one of nature’s shows of animosity toward the displaced everywhere, and of course toward the displaced of Al-Waleed.

    What would your thoughts be if you were there searching through empty Coca-Cola cans and half-charred pillows? Wouldn’t you trade your right to own “property” and all you own — or owned before the fire — for your right to happiness, laughter, song and dance, playgrounds and parks and schools and hospitals and security and …a stomach full of good food?

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    Iran News Round Up – 18.Juli 2011

    Supreme Leader warns Zardari of U.S. enmity towards Pakistan; Sobh-e Sadeq columnist says Iran to choose Syria over Turkey as ally; intelligence minister says agency infiltrated opposition abroad

    • Presidential crisis:
    • Ayatollah Ahmad Alam al-Hoda addresses the Principalists at the Khorasan-e Razavi province Voice and Vision [of the Islamic Republic] seminar: „Today, anyone who loves the Guardianship of the Jurist serves in the lowest positions… At such places, anyone who says anything approving of the Guardian Jurist loses his job…“
    • The Presidency of the Islamic Republic refutes rumors on arrest of Hamid Baqaei, Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization head.
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