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The Latest from Iran (1 August): Brain Drain and a „Brain Tumour“

1650 GMT: Back to the Brain Drain. An EA reader has kindly asked us about the context for our morning report (see 0630 GMT) of an Iranian official revealing that 97% of Iranian Ph.D. students are pursuing their degrees abroad.

The story came from an interview, with the Director General of Home Affairs at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, inDaneshjoo News (Student News).

Subsequently, another official at the Ministry told Fars that the „97%“ claim was „not true“ because it was taken out of context.

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Iran Document: Supreme Leader to MPs „Heckling of President Ahmadinejad is Disgraceful“

Ahmadinejad Faces Parliament after HecklingLast month, amidst heated conflict over the Ahmadinejad Government, the President and Parliament had a run-in over Ahmadinejad’s proposed nominee for the Ministry of Sports. The issue was as much Ahmadinejad’s presentation of the nominee as the candidate — in a letter to Parliament, the President criticised the operations of the Ministry and Parliament’s proposal to merge it with the Ministry of Youth.

When Ahmadinejad arrived in Parliament to present the nominee, he was heckled by legislators who shouted, „Do Do (Two Two)“ — the number 2 being the button for „No“ in Parliamentary votes. The nominee, Hamid Sajjadi, was subsequently rejected.

The day after the heckling of Ahmadinejad, the Supreme Leader met with MPs, including Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, to discuss the rising tension.

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Eye on Iran: Iran Says Oil Dispute With India Resolved

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WSJ: „Iran said Sunday that a dispute over $5 billion payment arrears on oil India exports had been resolved, after the Islamic Republic had threatened to interrupt sales to its second-largest crude market. In statements reported by oil ministry’s Website Shana, Ahmad Ghalebani, head of Iranian National Oil Co., said ‚both sides agreed to clear the debt promptly.‘ The comments came after India Oil Minister Jaipal Reddy said Friday that India expects to pay the first tranche of arrears to Iran for crude-oil purchases via Turkey, as the two countries work toward resolving a seven-month-long payment impasse. Iran normally exports about 400,000 barrels of oil to India each day, making it India’s second-largest crude supplier and Iran’s second-largest oil buyer. Separately, two people familiar with the matter said India’s largest buyer of Iranian crude-Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.-has already made some payments. MRPL declined to comment. Tehran had threatened to halt supplies to India from August due to the outstanding payments, which have risen to more than $5 billion. The dispute has ramifications not just for the two, but also for crude-oil markets, as a breakdown in their oil trade would have significantly altered regional oil flows.“

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@all Iranians: Get Up Stand Up for YOUR Rights! NOW! Don`t wait – time is coming!

Ayatollah Saneei to Iranian people: Stand up against oppressors and authoritarians!

Ayatollah Yousef Saneei is a religious authority (Marja Taghlid ) -Many Moslem in Iran follow him.He is critical with the current regime in Iran . He is also a strong supporter for green movement and for their leaders Musavi and Karoubi.
Jaras website-July 30 2011
Strong criticism of Ayatollah Saneei to the continued house arrest of Musavi and Karoubi the leaders of the green movement.
On criticizing the regime and for the safety and security of the Iranian people :
Ayatollah Saneei said: Karoubi and Musavi are virtue/piety -managerial personality together with their families are under house arrest and they are deprived of their basic human rights – this means, like being in a jail cell- Is this the safety and security of the citizens!
Link in Farsi:
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