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The Latest from Iran (16 August): An Election Revelation?

1448 GMT: James Miller is back. Hopefully, he and his coffee will bring the „live“ back to the „liveblog.“ Luckily, Scott Lucas, despite still being on vacation, has sent a few updates to kick things off:

On the Telly. A poll in 31 provincal centres points to all the contradictions of watching satellite TV, which is formally illegal in Iran.

Viewing is up from 34% to 42% since last year, with those „very interested“ rising from 28% to 34% and those with „no interest“ falling from 40% to 35%.

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In Case You Missed It: Hotels Should Ban Ahmadinejad

Hotels Should Ban Ahmadinejad

Which New York hotel will dare accommodate Ahmadinejad on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks?


August 16, 2011

This September, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his delegation will once again visit New York City to attend the annual United Nations General Assembly. As always, expect Ahmadinejad to make a big splash with his normal bombast and conspiratorial flourish. It is worth recalling that in his speech before the assembly last year, he despicably claimed that the U.S. orchestrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks against its own citizens. And just this July, the U.S. government for the first time outlined Iran’s alliance with America’s public enemy No. 1, al Qaeda. In this secret relationship, revealed by the Treasury Department, al Qaeda is operating a network on Iranian soil to transfer money, arms, and fighters to its bases in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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“The Imprisonment of Kouhyar Goudarzi a Slap in the Face,” says National Press Club President

Following the announcement of the arrests of Kouhyar Goudarzi and his mother, Parvin Mokhtare, a source close to the case and one of Goudarzi’s friends provided the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran with information about the case. “Kouhyar’s friends have information about him up until Sunday, 31 July. In fact the last news about him is from Sunday morning [31 July]. He had a meeting with one of his friends that afternoon, but he didn’t show up…He has disappeared. The next morning, on Monday, 1 August, his mother was arrested in her home in Kerman. She is currently at the Central Prison of Kerman,” said the source.

On Wednesday, 10 August, Mark Hamrick, President of the National Press Club, issued a statement expressing the Club’s outrage and concern about the arrests of Goudarzi and his mother. The National Press Club had previously named Kouhyar Goudarzi the winner of the 2010 John Aubuchon Press Freedom Award. (link) Mark Hamrick said in the statement that “the imprisonment of Kouhyar Goudarzi and his mother is a slap in the face to the world community.” He also called on the Iranian government “to release Goudarzi, his mother and all other journalists and others who have been incarcerated and mistreated merely for exercising their basic human right to self-expression.”

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Iran News Round Up (August 16)

Commentary on women’s dress code sparks fierce controversy; Ahmadinejad reaffirms alliance with Chavez against ‘imperialism’; Supreme Leader says regional uprisings inspired by Iran; Tehran calls on West not to interfere in Syria; Iranian leaders condemn ‘suppression’ of British people by government; Iran’s foreign ministry describes new U.S. ‘plot’ against Iran as ‘futile’; IRGC Navy chief hails intelligence superiority

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500 Days In Prison Without Furlough for Human Rights Activist

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, father of Mehdi Khodaee said that 500 days after his son’s arrest, he has not been allowed a single day of furlough. “After my son’s arrest in March 2010, I repeatedly appeared at the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office to find information about his status, but I was not given any straight answers about his condition, until Mehdi himself called us in April 2010 from the [IRGC] 2-A Ward of Evin and we found out that he was well,” he said.

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Eye On Iran: New Evidence Links Iran To Terror Group

Top Stories

NBC News: „U.S. officials tell NBC News that there is new evidence that Iran may be supplying goods to the terror group that U.S. intelligence officials consider to be the most dangerous threat to the United States — al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Over the weekend, the Indian Navy intercepted a ship — the MV Nafis-I — off the coast of Mumbai. Indian sailors found several weapons (including a few AK-47s and a pistol), but mostly just food and supplies on board. The ship had a crew of several Yemeni nationals, along with at least one Somali, and several others from other nearby African countries. A U.S. official says that the ship left Iran several days ago and that U.S. assets tracked the ship as a ‚vessel of interest‘ for a few days and then provided information to the Indian Navy so they could intercept it. U.S. intelligence officials say that the ship was headed to Yemen and they believe it was bringing the goods to AQAP. ‚We were cognizant of this vessel and what it was intending to do,‘ one U.S. official said, adding that, ‚we go on our best intelligence.‘  The official explained that if a ship is transporting goods to supply a terror network, then the vessel is in violation of the U.N. Security Council resolution and is subject to boarding. The official acknowledged that there were not many weapons on the ship when it was boarded, but also pointed out that it is common for crews to throw weapons overboard when a military vessel approaches. A senior defense official said that if Iran is aiding AQAP, that would be ‚highly unusual,‘ but added that there is clear evidence that Iran has supported other branches of al-Qaida in the recent past, including al-Qaida in Iraq.“
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Lawyer and Former MP in Need of Immediate Medical Attention

In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Sahandej Sholeh Sadi, wife of university professor, lawyer, and former Member of the Iranian Parliament Ghassem Sholeh Sadi talked about her husband’s new charges and his physical condition in prison. Expressing concern about her husband’s health conditions, Sahandej Sadi said that despite statements by the prison infirmary physician, Mr. Sadi has not yet been transferred outside the prison for examination. “My request is that they review the cases of the prisoners and if the Special UN Rapporteur comes to Iran, that he is able to visit with political prisoners and their families and ask about their requests and see about their conditions,” she told the Campaign.

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Deutschland: Flüchtlingszahlen steigen – +20% im Juli (Iraner)


3.439Asylanträge im Juli 2011

Im Juli 2011 wurden beim Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge 3.439 Asylerstanträge gestellt. Die Zahl der Asylbewerber stieg im Vergleich zum Vormonat um 265 Personen (8,4 Prozent).

Im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat Juli 2010 stieg die Zahl der Asylbewerber um 171 Personen (5,2 Prozent).

679 Personen erhielten im Juli 2011 die Rechtsstellung eines Flüchtlings nach der Genfer Konvention (20,3 Prozent aller Asylentscheidungen). Zudem erhielten 169 Personen (5,0 Prozent) sogenannten „subsidiären Schutz“ (Abschiebungsverbote gemäß § 60 Abs. 2, 3, 5 und 7 des Aufenthaltsgesetzes).

Die Zahlen im Einzelnen:

I. Aktueller Monat

Beim Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge haben im Juli 2011 3.439 Personen (Vormonat 3.174 Personen) Asyl beantragt.

Damit ist die Zahl der Asylbewerber gegenüber dem Vormonat um 265
(8,4 Prozent) gestiegen. Gegenüber dem Vergleichsmonat im Vorjahr (Juli 2010: 3.268 Personen) ist die Zahl der Asylbewerber im Juli 2011 um 171 (5,2 Prozent) gestiegen.

Hauptherkunftsländer im Juli 2011 waren:

Zum Vergleich

Nr. Land Mai Juni Juli
 1. Afghanistan 705 711 693
 2. Irak 468 427 497
 3. Iran 223 226 279
 4. Syrien 236 187 205
 5. Pakistan 137 117 192
 6. Russ. Föd. 108 110 189
 7. Türkei 136 114 138
 8. Somalia 98 55 97
 9. Serbien 138 91 82
10. Vietnam 72 58 73

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They Want My Husband To Be Executed So They Can Exploit It Politically

Following is a translation of an interview conducted by Fereshteh Ghazi of Roozonline with wife of condemned to death teacher Abdolreza Ghanbari.

In an interview with Rooz site, Abdolreza Ghanbari’s wife called the news of execution of her husband false and not true.

Ghanbari’s wife, Sakineh Habibi, said after meeting with her husband in prison, his case is still being reviewed by the Amnesty and Clemency Commission and she and her children are very hopeful.

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EU-Parlament: Delegation for relations with Iran (D-IR)





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