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Letter From Ward 350 Political Prisoners To Tehran Prosecutor General: History Will Judge Us Both

In a letter to Tehran Prosecutor General (the District Attorney), a number of Evin ward 350 political prisoners have spoken out regarding infringement on the legal rights of the political prisoners. Prisoners that apparently have a very different sets of made up and illegal rules imposed upon them.

These prisoners are even deprived of the basic rights that are granted to non-political prisoners who are convicted of murder or rape. Legal rights such as, access to telephone, face to face visitation with their families and use of furlough.

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Calls on Konecranes to End Its Business in Iran as Part of Ongoing Cranes Campaign

New York, NY – On Thursday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) called on Finnish crane manufacturer Konecranes Oyi to end its business in Iran.

Konecranes lists two Iranian companies on its website – Sepahan Lifter and Fassan Co.Additionally, Konecranes subsidiary Morris Material Handling has been reported to sell crane kits to the Iran-based Arian Company.

UANI’s „Cranes Campaign“ highlights the Iranian regime’s abhorrent executions by hanging from construction cranes, and the disturbing reality that these cranes are coming from Western and Asian companies. On July 6, Ambassador Wallace wrote a Los Angeles Times op-ed, „Iran’s Execution Binge,“ which detailed the Iranian regime’s use of construction cranes for public hangings and called on crane manufacturers to „take the principled stand of renouncing their business ties with the regime until Iran becomes a civilized member of the international community.“

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The Latest from Iran (18 August): The Watermelons of Sedition

0825 GMT: Maybe They Were at the Beyonce Concert. Aftab News reports that Hojatoleslam Ahmad Abedi, the Supreme Leader’s Appointee to the Board of the Office of Islamic Propagation, went to Malaysia for Ramadan to give a series of speeches. The only problem was that, at four different venues, no one showed up.

So the Supreme Leader’s representative came home.

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Iran News Round Up (August 18)

Opposition leader Mousavi reportedly in critical condition; Iran blames foreign forces for insecurity in Iraq; Iran’s top diplomat to visit Somalia; Ahmadinejad welcomes Russia’s ‘step-by-step’ nuclear proposal; Oil Minister Qassemi says oil executives to be given freer hands to ‘circumvent the sanctions’


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Eye On Iran: Russia Hopes Its Proposal Can Revive Iran Nuclear Talk

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Reuters: „Russia pitched Wednesday a proposal to Iran’s foreign minister which it hopes could bring a breakthrough in a confrontation over Tehran’s nuclear program, despite doubts in the West that the plan can make much headway. Since talks between global powers and Iran foundered in January, Russia has advocated a phased plan in which Tehran would address concerns that it may be seeking nuclear weapons, and be rewarded with an easing of sanctions. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after meeting his Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi that he hoped the plan would lead to new talks between Iran and the powers — Russia, the United States, Britain, France, China and Germany. ‚We hope this will help us move forward faster than has been the case until now and that we can resume negotiations soon,‘ Lavrov told a joint press conference with Salehi. Salehi said the proposal had good elements and that Tehran’s reaction was ‚positive,‘ but suggested that a final resolution to the long-running dispute could still be far off. „We agreed that we will study all the details of this project and will continue to perfect it through expert work,“ he said. ‚A very long journey begins with a first step,‘ Salehi said, adding that Iran was ready for talks but would not be pressured.“
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Emailaktion: Freilassung des entführten kurdisch-iranischen Schriftstellers Ali-Reza

  Der kurdische Schriftsteller Ali-Reza Sepahi Laeen, Foto: GfbV-Archiv
August 2011Am 30. Juli 2011 gegen 1.30 Uhr stürmen bewaffnete, in Zivil gekleidete Angehörige der Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) das Haus des Kurden Ali-Reza Sepahi Laeen. Mit Handschellen gefesselt und mit verbundenen Augen wird der Schriftsteller verschleppt. Bis heute ist sein Aufenthaltsort unbekannt. Seine Frau und seine drei Töchter sind sehr besorgt: Ohne seine täglichen Medikamente ist das Leben des schwer an Diabetes-erkranken Ali-Reza in Gefahr. Auch droht ihm schwere physische und psychische Folter, da politische Gefangene im Iran systematisch gefoltert werden. Ali-Reza ist unschuldig. Sein einziges Verbrechen ist sein Einsatz für die kurdische Sprache und Kultur. Im Vielvölkerstaat werden die Kurden sowie viele andere Minderheiten diskriminiert und verfolgt.

Empfehlung: Petition zur Freilassung von Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi und Ehefrauen

The Green Protest Campaign together with a group of Iranians are launching a Campaign in August 2011, in line with the Iranian public’s demand calling to end the illegal detention of the Companions of the Green Movement: Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, Zahra Rahnavard and Fatemeh Karroubi. As an initial step of this campaign, a petition has been prepared to obtain signatures from people across the world, addressed to the following officials and international bodies:

1- UN Secretary-General
2- State Ambassadors at the UN
3- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
4- United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran
5- Ministers of Foreign Affairs
6- EU Inter-parliamentary delegation for relations with Iran
7- UN Security Council
8- High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
9- Organization of Islamic Cooperation
10 – United Nations Human Rights Committee on Enforced Disappearance
11- Inter-Parliamentary Union

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Iran News Round Up (August 17)

Kayhan’s editorial board member accuses Ahmadinejad of alienating country’s elites to begin talks with Washington; Iranian lawmakers condemn British government’s ‘inhumane’ crackdown on protesters; Basij chief blames U.S., Israel for tragedy in Somalia; Iran welcomes Russia’s ‘step-by-step’ proposal to end nuclear standoff; Iran negotiating development of three oil fields with Ukraine

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