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UANI Applauds U.S. Treasury for Fining CMA CGM and Renews Call on CMA CGM to End its Business in Iran

New York, NY – United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) condemned French shipping company CMA CGM, following the U.S. Treasury Department’s recent fine against it for its illegal shipments to and from Iran and other sanctioned nations.  UANI has repeatedly called for an investigation into CMA CGM’s Iran business and highlighted the Iranian regime’s exploitation of the shipping industry.

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Mr. Billström ! Mitra Stays..Islamic Regime Goes!

Mitra Kalhor is a political activist. She is associated with a anti Islamic regime nationalist organization. Mitra is a constant guest, speaker in that organizations net TV program which airs towards the Islamic regime.

Opposition TV channels are widely watched inIranand are considered by the Islamic regime as a serious threat for the Islamic regime. Streets of the major cities in Iran and indeed people’s roof tops very often are occupied by Islamic republic special commando forces who by invading peoples practically none existence privacy , humiliating and insulting them, confiscate or destroy satellite dishes.


Can You Solve This?

Den Zugang zu Bildung verstehen die Menschen nicht nur hierzulande als ihr gutes Recht. Bildung und Ausbildung sind geradezu selbstverständlich, zumal sie beinahe kostenlos wahrgenommen werden.

Wer sich jedoch einmal selbst fragt, wo er stünde, hätte er nicht all die Möglichkeiten dieses Bildungssystems gehabt, versteht schnell, wie wichtig und essentiell Bildung für den persönlichen Werdegang, die eigene berufliche Situation und die Teilnahme am gesellschaftlichen Leben ist. Eine Verweigerung des Rechts auf Bildung hätte für jeden verheerende Konsequenzen.

Im Iran müssen sich junge Menschen jedoch genau mit dieser Realität abfinden: Systematisch wird ihnen der Zugang zu Universitäten verweigert. Und das nicht, weil es sie nicht gibt, sondern, weil diese jungen Menschen eine andere politische Meinung oder eine vermeintlich falsche religiöse Zugehörigkeit haben. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iran News Round Up (August 22)

Iran’s former ambassador to Lebanon says Israel ‘too weak’ at present to attack Hamas or Hezbollah; government refuses to reveal inflation rate; Iran’s intelligence minister confirms espionage charges against U.S. hikers; Ahmadinejad calls for massive turnout on Quds Day; Iran transfers centrifuge machines from Natanz to Fordo


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The Latest from Iran (22 August): A Death Threat Against Ahmadinejad’s Right-Hand Man

1500 GMT: Corruption Watch. In a report that may cause problems for the Governor, Morteza Tamaddon, the National Audit Office has claimed fraud of $1.1 million in Tehran’s provincial government.

1450 GMT: Oil Watch. Minister of Oil Rustam Qassemi has insisted that Iran is self-sufficient in gasoline production, rejecting reports that the country is importing 14 million litres of gasoline each day.

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Eye on Iran: Iran Sentences 2 Americans to 8 Years in Prison

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LAT: „Iranian authorities imposed a harsh, eight-year sentence on two Americans arrested along the border with Iraq in 2009, state television cited an unnamed judicial source as saying Saturday, in a stunning verdict that could further strain relations between Washington and Tehran. Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal, who have already been held in Tehran’s infamous Evin Prison for two years, have 20 days to appeal their convictions on charges of illegal entry into Iranian territory and espionage. Their lawyer, Masoud Shafii, said he had not been officially informed of the sentence and vowed to take the case to the appeals court, arguing that the prosecutors had failed to show any proof of espionage and that the hikers strayed into Iran inadvertently. ‚In the past two years I have not seen any evidence to prove my clients are spies,‘ he said. ‚It is as if anyone carrying a toothbrush in his satchel is a spy.‘ Shafii and the men’s supporters had hoped they would be freed as a gesture of goodwill during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. President Obama and other U.S. officials have repeatedly called for their release. ‚Shane and Josh have been imprisoned too long, and it is time to reunite them with their families,‘ State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.“

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URGENT: Wheelchair-Bound Anti-Regime Activist Hadi Jahednorouzi at Imminent Risk of Illegal Deportation to Iran by the Cyprus Government | Letter-Writing Action Included

Hadi Jahednorouzi (ARC: 5395940) is an Iranian asylum-seeker at imminent risk of illegal deportation to Iran by the government of Cyprus. He was arrested three times in Iran in connection with his political activities, including the reproduction and dissemination of anti-regime literature. Not only was Hadi and his family incessantly persecuted in Iran, but when Hadi escaped from Iran, he began participating in anti-Islamic Republic activities, including protest actions as a member of the Iranian National Front and the Cyprus Refugee Rights Movement. Key documents in Hadi’s case were refused admittance into the record by Cypriot authorities, and his rejection decision was implemented without having all available evidence at hand. Hadi was told that he would be deported on Tuesday 23 August. Urgent assistance is needed to stop Hadi’s deportation. Please urgently participate in this letter-writing action yourself, and encourage others to participate.

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Ballons für den Iran

Am Rande der Wochenendaktion für Iran wurden auch Ballons mit der Botschaft „Freiheit für Iran“ in den Himmel über Berlin fliegen gelassen.

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