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Iran: „Release US hikers following ‚grossly unfair‘ trial“

21.08.2011 – Quelle: Amnesty International

Iran: „Release US hikers following ‚grossly unfair‘ trial“

2 Wanderer aus den USA, die im Juli 2009 am der irakisch-iranischen Grenze verhaftet wurden, sind  wegen Spionage und illegaler Einreise zu 8 Jahren Haft verurteilt worden; während ihrer Haft und ihres Verfahrens wurde ihnen ein angemessener Zugang zu ihrem Anwalt verweigert [ID 200271]

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Iran: „Hard-Line Iranian Media Demonize Western ‚Cultural Threat'“

11.08.2011 – Quelle: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Iran: „Hard-Line Iranian Media Demonize Western ‚Cultural Threat'“

Die Tageszeitungen „Kayhan“ und „Resalat“ rufen zu einer „Reinigung der Medien“ auf, nachdem der Oberste Rechtsgelehrte Ayatollah Ali Khamenei die „kulturelle Invasion“ der Medien des Landes durch den Westen als die „Schlüsselbedrohung“ für die islamische Republik bezeichnet [ID 200588]

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In Case You Missed It: Time has Come for States to Take Strong Action on Iran

Op-Ed by UANI President, Ambassador Mark D. Wallace, Runs in Local Papers Across America, Calls on States to Pass Contract Debarment Laws


The following Op-Ed by UANI President, Ambassador Mark D.Wallace, has appeared in more than a dozen publications over the past week, including newspapers in Illinois,FloridaCaliforniaNew York, and New Hampshire.

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Father Breaks His Silence After 26 Months: They Would Not Even Allow Us To See His Body In The Morgue

Family of 19 year old Amir Yousefzadeh, who was killed during July 2009 post-election protests in Tehran, breaks their silence after 26 months.

July of 2009 during the anti government protests, a number of students were protesting around Enghlab square and Tehran university. They were attacked and beaten by batons resulting in injuries that sent many of them to hospital.

Amir Yousefzadeh was one of the severely injured students who was taken to the hospital but lost his life and died there.

In the last 26 months, despite all the threats to remain silent, many families who lost loved ones have spoken up and gave interviews to the media. However, there are still families that, due to threats and pressures, do not feel safe enough to speak up and give details of how their children died.

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The Latest from Iran (29 August): Catching Up

Maya Neyestani’s old man shows Libya’s former leader Muammar Qaddafi to a young boy, „Our zoo is soon complete“

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Wikileaks & Iran Flashback: How A Kickboxing Champion Became „Israeli Spy“ & Was Sentenced To Death

We reported last week on the sentencing of 26-year-old Majid Jamali Fashi to death after he was convicted of the assassination of physicist Masoud Alimohammadi in January 2010.

The case always had intriguing elements, given Alimohammadi’s supposed connections with Iran’s nuclear programme; however, in January 2011, EA uncovered an entirely new dimension.

Jamali Fashi, a professional kickboxer, supported the regime by beating up protesters after the 2009 Presidential elections — so how could he have be an enemy of the regime by working for Israel to murder an Iranian scientist and hinder Tehran’s nuclear research?

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Eye on Iran: Tehran’s Ghost Fleet

Top Stories

WSJ: „This June, a merchant ship flying the Hong Kong flag and sailing under the name of the Atlantic called at the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas-the southern end of a trade corridor to the U.S., advertised as ‚the fastest route to the heart of North America.‘ That might be unremarkable, except the Atlantic, formerly called the Dreamland, and before that the Iran Saeidi, belongs to a curious network of 19 bulk carriers, all flagged out of Hong Kong and all blacklisted by the U.S. Treasury for their links to Iran. According to a recent transcript of Hong Kong’s Marine Department Shipping Register, the Atlantic is owned by a Hong Kong-registered company called Harvest Supreme Limited. Scratch the surface and Harvest Supreme tracks back to an Iranian address, as do 18 other obscure and interlinked Hong Kong ship-owning companies with names such as Grand Trinity Limited and Sparkle Brilliant Development Limited. These are the hallmarks of the global shell game with which Iran continues to dodge U.S. and United Nations sanctions. This shell game began around 2008, when the U.S. imposed sanctions on Iran’s state shipping company, the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, or IRISL, for its role in provisioning Iran’s rogue missile and nuclear programs. The U.S. Treasury also blacklisted a slew of IRISL affiliates and 123 of its ships, including all 19 of these merchant ships now flagged to Hong Kong, making it potentially a crime under U.S. law to do business with them. Treasury also began pressuring players outside U.S. jurisdiction to shun Iran’s proliferators, or risk being cut off from commerce with the U.S. IRISL responded by camouflaging much of its fleet, reflagging and renaming scores of its blacklisted ships. It parceled out some to newly minted affiliates and created shell companies abroad to serve as nominal owners. Behind the scenes, IRISL retained control.“

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URGENT: Stop the Illegal Deportation of Mitra Kahrom to the Misogynist Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mitra Kahrom was forced to endure extreme violence at the hands of a brutal husband whose crimes against Mitra are endorsed by a brutal and misogynist regime. Unable to tolerate life under such repression, Mitra went to the streets in protest against the Islamic Republic; she was identified and hunted by the regime. Subsequently, she fled to Sweden and has been openly and vocally active in organizations that oppose the Islamic Republic regime. Mitra has numerous grounds on which to claim asylum in Sweden. Despite this, the Swedish government wants to send her back to a place in hell where the flames burn hotter for women: the Swedish government wants to deport Mitra back to Iran. We at Mission Free Iran oppose the Swedish government’s illegal efforts to deport Mitra, and we ask that you join us in demanding Mitra’s right to asylum in Sweden. A sample letter-writing action appears below Mitra’s story.

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Der bekannte iranische Aids-Arzt Arasch Alaei ist nach mehr als drei Jahren in Haft aus dem Gefängnis entlassen worden. Er sei unter den hundert politischen Gefangenen gewesen, die anlässlich des Endes des islamischen Fastenmonats Ramadan von Irans geistlichem Führer Ali Chamenei begnadigt wurden, sagtee sein jüngerer Bruder Kamiar Alaei am Montag der Nachrichtenagentur AFP.

Auf seiner Facebook-Seite schrieb Kamiar Alaei, er danke allen für ihre Unterstützung.

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