URGENT ACTION: Write to the European Parliament in Support of the People in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Mothers of Peace: This is a group of Kurdish mothers from Turkey who have gone out and used their bodies as human shields to block the roads so that the Turkish military cannot pass. Peace Mother Hava Kıran made a brief announcement saying, „We are blocking traffic so soldiers do not die. This action is a natural right of mothers. We closed this road so no more mothers are hurt.“

Please send an email based on this letter to the European Union to help stop the attacks on the people in Iraqi Kurdistan.

PLEASE SEND TO: jerzy.buzek@europarl.europa.eu &maja.kocijancic@ec.europa.eu

To the European Parliament:

I am writing to express my deep concern about the attacks by the Turkish government and the Islamic Republic of Iran against people in Iraqi Kurdistan, against their villages, homes, and livelihoods.

I want the European Union to pressure the government of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Iran to stop their attacks immediately, and to compensate the people in Iraqi Kurdistan for the losses of lives, homes, livelihoods, and infrastructure, all of which have been destroyed in these illegal attacks.

I also want the European Union to condemn the media blackout on Iraqi Kurdistan that has been imposed by the Iraqi government. The EU should demand that the Iraqi government immediately lift all restrictions on the access of international media to the area.

[Your name]


Quelle: ICRIR

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