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Eye on Iran: Iran to Syria: Save Regime and Preserve Alliance

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AP: „Two weeks after Egypt’s uprising swept aside Hosni Mubarak, the presidents of Iran and Syria stood side by side in Damascus in a blunt message to the Arab Spring: The Syrian regime can count on its allies in Tehran. Seven months later – and after at least 2,700 deaths in Syria – Iran is tweaking its big brother role for Syrian President Bashar Assad. The Iranian leaders are now urging him to consider talks with protesters or risk heading down a path with few escape routes. It’s Tehran’s version of tough love: Pressing Assad to do what it takes to stay in power and preserve one of Iran’s most important relationship in the Middle East. ‚You have a decades-old strategic alliance on the ropes,‘ said David Schenker, a Syrian affairs analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. ‚No doubt Iran is very concerned.‘ But Assad appears to be following his own rules in trying to ride out a mass revolt that has now spread into the security forces. Government troops have waged relentless crackdowns on opposition protesters, as well as police and soldiers who have turned against the crackdown. Iran is in the unfamiliar role of nervous bystander in Syria – a foothold on Israel’s border and a critical conduit to Tehran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.“

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Nadarkhani Refuses to Repent; Awaiting Final Ruling on Apostasy Death Sentence

In his last court session on Wednesday, 28 September, Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, charged with apostasy and sentenced to execution, refused to repent of his Christian faith despite the judge’s repeated requests.

Youcef Nadarkhani’s lawyer, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, expressed hope that the court would eventually declare his client innocent. As he told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “[Nadarkhani] was brought to court to repent for three days. He denied repentance on all three days. I said in my last defense that his execution is not an appropriate and legal action from the viewpoint of Sharia Law, our own laws, and international laws, and I believe that the court accepted my opinion. I hope the court will vote for his acquittal and he will be released in the coming week. His apostasy charges were eliminated before, and I provided the necessary defense regarding the illegality of repentance.”

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Nahal Sahabi, Another Innocent Victim of the Injustices of the IRI نهال سحابی، از دوستان بهنام گنجی و کوهیار گودرزی پس از اقدام به خودکشی، درگذشت

Nahal Sahabi, Another Innocent Victim of the Injustices of the Islamic Republic

Nahal Sahabi, a close friend of Behnam Ganj and Kouhyar Goudarzi sadly committed suicide yesterday. According to reports by CHRR, Nahal Sahabi a close friend of Behnam Ganji and Kouhyar Goudarzi, both arrested on July 31st, 2011, passed away last night after committing suicide. Sahabi reportedly suffered from extreme depression after Behnam Ganji committed suicide, shortly after his release from prison; a depression that resulted in her ending her life last night.

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FDP: RUPPERT / TÖREN: Keine Todesstrafe für iranischen Pastor

BERLIN. Anlässlich der drohenden Todesstrafe eines iranischen Pastors wegen Apostasie erklären der Beauftragte für Kirchen und Religionsgemeinschaften Stefan RUPPERT und der Menschenrechtsexperte der FDP-Bundestagsfraktion Serkan TÖREN:

Die FDP-Bundestagsfraktion verurteilt aufs Schärfste die drohende Todesstrafe gegen den iranischen Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. Ein iranisches Gericht hat ihn aufgefordert, sich vom christlichen Glauben loszusagen. Sollte er weiter am christlichen Glauben festhalten, werde die Todesstrafe vollstreckt.

Wir fordern den Iran auf, auf die Vollstreckung des Todesurteils gegen Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani zu verzichten und ihn unverzüglich freizulassen. Der Iran hat sich mit der Unterzeichnung des Internationalen Pakts über bürgerliche und politische Rechte völkerrechtlich verpflichtet, religiöse Minderheiten zu schützen.

Das universelle Menschenrecht auf Religionsfreiheit ist ein hohes und kostbares Gut, welches in jeglicher Hinsicht auch den 400.000 Christen im Iran zusteht.


Amnesty: I Talk Out Loud –



I Talk Out Loud follows Eastlea School group’s campaign to end stoning in Iran. The film is part of our Autumn term programme of school resources, activities and events to inspire a new generation of human rights defenders.

Iran Video Feature: Ahmadinejad, Arab Spring, and the Future of the Regime (Slavin and Maloney)

In my opinion, Barbara Slavin and Suzanne Maloney are two of the sharpest US-based observers of Iran. So this discussion, set up by, offers a lot for consideration from Slavin’s first-hand account of an Ahmadinejad press conference to Maloney on the nuclear issue to — most importantly, in my opinion — thoughts on the effect of the Arab Spring and the internal stability of the regime.

URGENT – Take Action: Norwegian Government Deporting Several Asylum-Seekers


No to Deportation to Iran!

Dear Friends: We learned today that the Norwegian government deported 2 Iranian political asylum-seekers yesterday, and there is a high probability that they will deport two more tomorrow. There appears to be an uptick in the rate of deportations of Iranians from Norway, and this demands that the Norwegian government be confronted about its asylum practices. It has only been a few months since Norway deported the Kurdish teenager Rahim Rostami to detention and torture in Iran. Participate in this letter-writing action that demands that Norway halts all deportations of Iranian political asylum-seekers.

To the Norwegian Migration Authorities:

It has come to our attention that the Norwegian government has deported a number of Iranian political asylum-seekers in the past few days, and there is intent to deport more Iranians to the hands of the Islamic Republic in coming days. Among those to be deported includes a convert to Christianity.

The Norwegian government is deporting political asylum seekers to Iran at a time when executions are happening on a near-daily basis, sometimes several a day. The Norwegian government intends to return Iranians who have converted to Christianity to a country that intends to execute Christian convert Yousef Nadarkhani solely due to his religious conversion, and despite the fact that there is no law against apostasy in the Islamic Republic’s penal code!

The Norwegian government is well-aware of the fact that the Islamic Republic considers all Iranian political asylum-seekers to be criminals, deeming their quest for asylum as a form of propagation against the regime. The Islamic Republic has on several occasions declared and applied its intent to prosecute returned political asylum-seekers, on the basis of Article 7 of the Islamic Republic’s Penal Code. Rahim Rostami, a teenaged Kurdish asylum-seeker returned to Iran by Norway and immediately imprisoned under torture is one such example – and a clear indictment of the Norwegian government’s failed approach to refugee status determination.

It is illegal under international law for any country including Norway to deport a person who has a legitimate fear of persecution in their home country. It is therefore undeniably illegal under international law for the Norwegian government to participate in the crime of deporting political asylum-seekers to Iran, where they are at high risk of being detained, tortured, and in some cases executed if returned to Iran.

Norway must uphold international principles, reconsider its position and set appropriate precedent by halting any deportations of political asylum-seekers to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and implementing appropriate protections. The ongoing crisis in Iran demands that Iranian asylum seekers.

[Your Name]

Mail to:

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Haunted Memories: The Islamic Republic’s Executions of Kurds in 1979

This report provides a detailed account of the unlawful summary trials and executions that took place in the Kurdish regions of Iran during August and September of 1979.

Pursuant to Ayatollah Khomeini’s instructions to crush the Kurds, Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali ordered that tens of people be executed in a matter of weeks. While these events took place over 30 years ago, they are still relevant today as they turned out to be only a prelude to the Islamic Republic’s regular and persistent suppression of minority voices.

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The Latest from Iran (29 September): A Billion-Dollar Bank Fraud Takes Over

1655 GMT: Bank Fraud Watch. In the latest incarnation of „Don’t Blame Me“, Iran’s Inspector General Mostafa Pourmohammadi has declared that his office knew about the $2,6 billion bank fraud and told the Central Bank. He claimed that the fraudsters failed to launch an „Aria Bank“ for their embezzled funds and, with their failure, their crimes became evident.

1635 GMT: Political Prisoner Watch. Mohsen Armin, a former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, has been sentenced to six years in prison.

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Narges Mohammadi’s Reaction to Her Conviction for Human Rights Activities

Member of the Defenders of Human Rights Center and Nationalist-Religious activist Narges Mohammadi was sentenced to 11 years in prison by a Tehran court. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Mohammadi called her sentence “an unfair ruling for a human rights activist.”

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