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Eye on Iran: Iran Letter Shows ‚Charm Offensive‘

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AP: „A new Iranian offer to meet with the world powers is unusually short on preconditions and suggests Tehran may even be ready to touch on some nuclear issues that were previously taboo, according to the copy of a confidential letter from a senior Iranian official. Shared with The Associated Press, the letter is short on details of what the Islamic Republic is ready to discuss with the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. But it differs from previous negotiating offers by avoiding demands the six powers are bound to reject out of hand. And it says Iran is ‚ready to cooperate in … nonproliferation and peaceful nuclear cooperation.‘ That’s a possible nod to six-power demands that the Islamic Republic address world concerns over its nuclear program, and suspicions that it could used to make weapons – something Tehran has refused to do in earlier meetings. Compared to Iran’s previous offer, the letter, by chief Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, is notable in its moderate tone. Western diplomats, however, characterized it Tuesday as part of Iran’s new ‚charm offensive‘ – an effort to derail plans to refer Tehran anew to the U.N. Security Council for its nuclear defiance… IAEA chief Yukiya Amano said Monday that he plans to share some of that intelligence with his agency’s 35-nation board, and diplomats say he will use his next report in November to detail his information on the allegations, including Iran’s suspected work on a nuclear warhead. That report, in turn, could serve as a springboard for renewed IAEA referral to the Security Council, which first got involved in Iran’s nuclear file in 2006 after the Vienna-based agency reported Tehran for resuming uranium enrichment. As word of such plans ripples through the IAEA, Iran has embarked on what appears to be a counteroffensive meant to blunt the Western-led efforts for new referral and possible new sanctions.“
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Iran News Round Up (Sep. 14)

Pakistan’s prime minister visits Tehran to boost bilateral ties; Iran equips fighter jets with anti-missile capability; South Korean company signs $20 million project with Iran; Afghan, Iranian border guards exchange fire over disputed area

Bilder der Revolution

Die iranische Graphic Novel „Zahra’s Paradise“

In Iran im Juni 2009 verabredeten sich eine Million Iraner im Internet. Sie demonstrierten gegen Mahmud Ahmadinedschad und gegen die gefälschten Präsidentschaftswahlen. Das Internet trägt den Protest in die Welt. Jeder kann jetzt sehen, wie der Gottesstaat zuschlägt. Doch die schlimmsten Bilder sind die, die man nicht sieht. Die zeigt die Internet-Graphic Novel „Zahra’s Paradise“, das Tagebuch einer Suche nach verschwundenen Kindern im Iran.

"Zahra's Paradise" war ursprünglich ein iranischer Comic-Blog im Internet. © Knesebeck

"Zahra's Paradise" war ursprünglich ein iranischer Comic-Blog im Internet. © Knesebeck

Amir, ein Exil-Iraner und Journalist, und Khalil, ein Araber, haben „Zahra’s Paradise“ entwickelt und ins Netz gestellt. „Auch wenn wir nicht mehr im Iran leben, sind wir im ständigen Kontakt mit unseren Familien“, sagt Amir. „Unsere Familien wissen, dass wir sie nie im Stich lassen. In den vergangenen 30 Jahren haben wir gemeinsam der Islamischen Republik widerstanden. Wir wollen nicht, dass unsere Kultur getötet wird. Dagegen kämpfen wir an, genauso wie gegen das Lügen, das Morden, das Vergewaltigen. Unser Comic ‚Zahra’s Paradise‘ ist ein Zeichen unserer Solidarität mit der grünen Revolution.“

Internet als Sprachrohr der Revolution

Im Netz wurde die Graphic Novel zum vielbeachteten Phänomen. Sie startete vier Tage nach dem Wahlbetrug mit 14.000 Klicks täglich. Jetzt erscheint sie in elf Sprachen als Buch. Jasmin Tabatabai verfolgt das Comic-Tagebuch seit 2010. „All diese Bilder, die uns 2009 so aufgebracht und die grüne Bewegung ins Ausland gebracht haben, hat es letzten Endes wegen des Internets gegeben. 1986 zum Beispiel wussten wir alle, wie die Islamische Republik tickt, es war eigentlch bekannt. Ich sage ‚eigentlich‘, denn wenn dir die Bilder fehlen, kannst du dir den Mund fusselig reden. Das kommt nicht so an.“
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Hold Ahmadinejad Accountable for Iran’s Human Rights Crisis During UN Visit

Hold Ahmadinejad Accountable for Iran’s Human Rights Crisis During UN Visit

Iranian Government Ignores Calls to Cooperate With the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran

(14 September 2011) Member states of the United Nations as well as the international media should focus on the ongoing human rights crisis in Iran as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrives in New York to attend the 66th session of the UN General Assembly, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said today.

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Iran News Round Up (Sep. 13)

Iran to release U.S. hikers jailed for espionage; Farda News condemns Turkey’s foreign policy initiatives in Middle East; hardliners warn of new sedition against regime; Khoshchehreh calls Ahmadinejad’s proposal to triple cash handouts ‘suicidal’; Supreme Audit Court head says Iran’s economy becoming ‘more dependent on oil’

  • Farda News releases a backgrounder on Sadeq Mahsouli, Islamic Resistance Front leader: „He, who has been a friend and close confidante of Dr. Ahmadinejad since his presence in West Azerbaijan province, is trying to play a role different than the one he played during the ninth presidential election. This time, he has taken the leadership of a group, some of whose members are apparently critics of the current of deviation… Lately, there are some rumors on the relationship between Mahsouli and Ahmadinejad concerning the Resistance Front, which has created serious doubts about the agendas of some of the political and economic founders of this front, but the fundamental question seems to be this: Can Sadeq Mahsouli, known as the billionaire of the ninth and tenth government, become the symbol of principalists some of whom claim to pursue a policy of purification and clarification of the principalist discourse?“
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