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E-Letter: Urge Iran to Address the Country’s Human Rights Situation / English-Farsi


Send an e-letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Judiciary, and various Iranian embassies worldwide expressing your concern for the ongoing crackdown on Iranian political and human rights activists, ethnic and religious minorities, artists, and members of opposition groups. Urge Iranian authorities to stop applying severe punishments, including execution, arbitrary detentions, and enforced disappearances for activities that are not considered crimes under international law. The letter is available to send in both ENGLISH and FARSI.

Write to Iranian officials detailing your concern for Iranian Christian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who remains at risk of execution for “apostasy;” for the artists, actresses, and filmmakers detained for peacefully exercising their right to expression; for Kouyhar Goudarzi who has been detained with no news available about his condition; and for the four opposition members who are enduring an “enforced disappearance.”Urge the Iranian government to meet its legal obligation to end the human rights crisis engulfing the people of Iran by ensuring Iran’s citizens are afforded basic human and civil rights guaranteed under international law. 

The e-letter is here. If you choose to add a personal message to the e-letter, please keep it polite, human-rights focused, and without rhetoric. To the right of the e- letter page are the recipients of the e-mail you send. You don’t have to send a letter multiple times (one click will send your message to all of the listed officials). Below the letter are personal fields to fill out. Enter as much information as you feel comfortable. A VALID e-mail address is required; however, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your e-mail, consider making an e-mail account just to use for actions like this. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at



Photos: Artist uses street installation to bring attention to the cutting of trees in Kerman

Photos by Hamid Sadeghi, Mehr News Agency

In recent weeks, many trees have been cut in the city of Kerman in southern Iran. The trees in the city have been infested with an insect which has been hard to eradicate, and thus they have sustained substantial damage. According to the municipality, the trees are being cut to prevent spread of the disease and to potential damages or injuries in case they fall. (read report – in Persian)

However, some are blaming the city for being too aggressive in cutting the trees and for not having proper plans to deal with the sick trees. To bring attention to the issue, a Kermani artist (unnamed) has become creative and used the trunks of the cut trees to create an eye-catching installation in the streets of Kerman.

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tehran bureau: Convert’s Death Writ ‚Not Definitive‘; Students Protest Sex Segregation

Press Roundup provides a selected summary of news from the Farsi and Arabic press and excerpts where the source is in English. Tehran Bureau has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. Please refer to the Media Guide to help put the stories in perspective. You can follow breaking news stories on our Twitter feed.

Iran Standard Time (IRST), GMT+3:30


9:15 p.m., 14 Mehr/October 6 Our columnist Muhammad Sahimi compiled the following news items and commentary:

Responding to the wave of international protest against the death sentence for Yousef Nadarkhani, a Muslim Iranian who converted to Christianity and become a preacher, the Iranian Embassy in Rome was forced to issue a statement denying that the death sentence is definitive. The statement pointed out that Article 13 of the Constitution recognizes the adherents to other Godly religions as religious minorities and respects their rights. It also observed that several religious minorities have their own representatives to the Majles. The embassy’s statement was released after the false claim by Fars, the news agency run by the intelligence unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, that Nadarkhani was sentenced to die not for his conversion, but for other offenses, proved ineffective. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

The Latest from Iran (8 October): Declaring an Awakening

1010 GMT: Elections Watch. Former conservative MP Hossein Fadaei has warned that Mir Hossein Mousavi won the 2009 Presidential election in Tehran, if not all of Iran, because of quarrels among hardliners.

1000 GMT: Prediction of the Day. Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the commander of the Basij militia, has declared that the Occupy Wall Street movement „of the American people“ will topple the US system.

0950 GMT: The House Arrests. Detained opposition figure Mehdi Karroubi, accompanied by six security agents, has been allowed to see relatives at the home of his son Hossein.

Saham News publishes this blurred photograph, the first of Mehdi Karroubi since he was put under strict house arrest in mid-February.

0920 GMT: Printing the Unprintable. Rah-e Sabz has dared to print a call by exiled cleric and scholar Mohsen Kadivar, for the impeachment of the Supreme Leader — „the dictator who created a monarchy in Islamic disguise“ — in an open letter to former President Hashemi Rafsanjani.

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Who Are Iran’s Political Prisoners?

The Wall Street Journal

By: Roxana Saberi

(6 October 2011) Just after my release from a Tehran prison in May 2009, an Iranian prisoner wrote an open letter entitled, “I wish I were a Roxana.” Haleh Rouhi, a follower of Iran’s minority Baha’i faith, was serving a four-year sentence for antiregime propaganda, although she said she was simply “teaching the alphabet and numbers” to underserved children. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

„Bird of Freedom“ from Evin prisoner Nasrin Soutoudeh to her husband

Nasrin Sotoudeh incarcerated human rights activist, dedicated this „bird of freedom“ to her husband Reza Khandan on the occasion of their wedding anniversary (October 7th). The following is a post from Reza Khandan’s facebook wall:

A Unique Gift From Evin Prison on the Occasion of our Wedding Anniversary

We thought we were empty handed, we thought we had nothing at all

but when we started to lose on thing after the other,

each day became a memory for us

and it was then that we wrote a song in memory of all that we once had…

and in honor of the generosity of God…

by: Anna Akhmatova

Dedicated to the messengers of peace, democracy and freedom
and dedicated to you on the occasion of our anniversary.

I love you,

Evin 2011

Baha’i International Community calls for release of Christian pastor facing death sentence

The Baha’i International Community has joined the call for the release of Youcef Nadarkhani, a Christian pastor from Rasht, Iran.

Pastor Nadarkhani, who is the father of two young children, leads a network of house churches. He was found guilty of apostasy – „turning his back on Islam“ – and „converting Muslims to Christianity,“ and sentenced to death in September 2010.

Iran’s Supreme Court recently asked for a re-examination of the case to establish whether or not he had been a practising Muslim adult before he converted to Christianity. The court ruled he was not but, nevertheless, is still guilty of apostasy because he has Muslim ancestry.

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JUNGLE-WORLD: Bad Safranski oder was ist eigentlich böse? Eine Empörung.


Böse? Äh, zum Beispiel Foltern, Töten, Vergewaltigen?

Frage & Antwort mögen ja tatsächlich so manchem ein wenig schlicht erscheinen. Auf den bekannten philosophischen Schriftsteller Rüdiger Safranski könnte das zutreffen; Safranski hat zwar ein Buch über das Thema geschrieben, aber Berührungsängste mit staatlich angeordneter Folter, mit Mord, und systematischer Vergewaltigung scheint er doch nicht zu haben. Immerhin will er – oder ist das etwa nur eine Propagandameldung der „Islamischen Republik Iran“? – mit einem Herren namens „S. E. (Seiner Ezellenz“, O.M.P) Ali Reza Sheikh Attar“, dem Botschafter besagter „Republik“, am 15. Oktober über Goethe und den persischen Dichter Hafis diskutieren; und nicht etwa über die Fallhöhe von an Baukränen aufgehängten Menschen, oder über die im Sommer 2009 ermordete Neda Agha Soltan (und die anderen Toten, für die sie steht), oder gar über die Vergewaltigungen und Morde im Evin-Gefängnis von Teheran und anderswo im Iran.

Darf man überhaupt im Angesicht der sicherlich wohlgestalteten Gärten, in denen sich die illustren Beiträger dieser vom Deutschen Sparkassen und Giroverband getragenen Stiftung Neu Hardenberg ergehen, so ganz simpel vom Verdacht, nein, besser, vom Ruch einer gewissen Amoralität sprechen?

Rüdiger Safranski hat in Neu Hardenberg bereits mehrfach geredet. Im September 2009 ging es über Goethe und Schiller („Freunde für´s Leben?“), im November 2010 bezeichnenderweise bereits um Religion (»Religion: heiß oder kalt?« – Rüdiger Safranski im Gespräch über den Glauben im Fadenkreuz der aufgeklärten Zivilgesellschaft“).

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