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Amnesty: End stoning in Iran – TAKE ACTION – SUPPORT THIS

Stoning. It’s designed to cause maximum suffering. It generally takes between 20 minutes and two agonising hours to kill someone. Those sentenced to death are more likely to be poor and marginalised, particularly women.

Stoning. It’s designed to cause maximum suffering. It generally takes between 20 minutes and two agonising hours to kill someone. Those sentenced to death are more likely to be poor and marginalised, particularly women.

Under Iranian law, stoning is mandatory for both men and women convicted of ‚adultery whilst married‘.

The practice of stoning as punishment for adultery continues in Iran, despite a government-issued moratorium on the practice in 2002, and a recommendation in 2009 by the Legal and Judicial affairs Committee to remove stoning from the Iranian Penal Code.

Now is a crucial opportunity to stop the barbaric practice of stoning for adultery, as the Iranian authorities are currently reviewing the country’s Penal Code – including whether execution by stoning should be retained in the Code.


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Realite News Alert 10/10/11

Roundup of Today’s International News


Iran reactor disaster warning from whistleblower
The Bushehr reactor is likely to cause the next nuclear catastrophe after Chernobyl and Fukushima, says the document, passed to The Times by a reputable source and attributed to a former member of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran’s legal department. It claims Bushehr, which began operating last month after 35 years of intermittent construction, was built by „second-class engineers“ who bolted together Russian and German technology from different eras; that it sits in one of the world’s most seismically active areas but could not withstand a major earthquake; and that it has „no serious training program“ or a contingency plan for accidents.

Iran’s ‘bombproof’ nuclear site takes defiant aura from village namesake
Not far from one of Iran’s most secretive nuclear sites, villagers proudly declare a willingness to sacrifice their lives to defend their country’s nuclear program from attack by the West. If history is any judge, the pledges by residents of Fordo are more than bluster. The village is already enshrined in Iranian lore for suffering the greatest per capita losses during the 1980s war with Iraq. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

FRIDE: Is Iran Immune From The Arab Spring? – Analysis

Iran has so far remained relatively unaffected by the winds of change that have swept through the Middle East and North Africa. Yet this was not a foregone conclusion. Given the opposition’s ability to build on a recent wave of mobilisation to revive the calls for protests triggered in 2009, why has it not taken advantage of the regional domino effect?

The Green Movement, too often over-emphasised by outsiders as a panacea for Iran’s democratic future, failed to draw its lessons from the crushed 2009 protests. Today it remains too divided and ambiguous to constitute the key driver of change from within. Instead, Iran’s potential for democratic change may largely depend on ongoing regional developments. In particular, the fall of the Assad regime in Syria would weaken the Iranian regime by isolating it regionally and fostering further splits within its leadership, thereby enhancing the prospects of political change.


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tehran bureau: Hardliners vs. Hardliners, Continued

by MUHAMMAD SAHIMI in Los Angeles

1107601_PhotoA.jpgAs the 2012 Majles elections draw near, the hardliners around Ayatollah Ali Khamenei seem increasingly concerned about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his supporters. Alef, a news website published by conservative Majles deputy and Ahmadinejad critic Ahmad Tavakoli, reported that the „perverted group“ — the hardliners‘ code name for Esfandiar Rahimi-Mashaei, is unhappy with Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar and may try to sack the Minister of Interior three months before the March elections. The Ministry of Interior is in charge of holding all elections. If Najjar is fired three months before the elections and his dismissal is not opposed by Khamanei, Ahmadinejad can appoint an acting minister (the law gives him a 90 days to introduce a replacement to Majles).

Why Can’t She See Her Lawyer and Family? Asks Imprisoned Film Producer’s Sister

Katayoun Shahabi, a film distributor and producer who was arrested [1] 20 days ago on the charge of cooperating with the BBC Persian Service along with four other documentary filmmakers, still does not have permission to see her lawyer or her family. In an interview with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Kamnoush Shahabi, Katayoun Shahabi’s sister, stated “we neither know exactly whom we’re dealing with, nor do we know about their conditions … My sister has been in detention for the past 20 days, but no one has been able to see her yet, not even her lawyer. She has only been allowed to call home three times, each time emphasizing that she is only allowed to talk to our mother. Also, my sister has said that she is alone, which means that she is spending time in solitary confinement,” added Kamnoush Shahabi.

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The Latest from Iran (10 October): A Moment’s Relief from House Arrest

0850 GMT: Eggs and the Economy. Nikahang Kowsar illustrates the current economic situation with the sharp increase in the price of eggs — the chicken tells the pleading Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, „You cannot have them“:

Aftab, noting that the price of a single egg is now 300 tomans (about 25 cents), declares, „Soon you will show your children pictures and tell them: ‚These are eggs!‘

0840 GMT: Iranian authorities have imposed a travel ban on director Nader Davoodi, preventing him from participating in the Beirut International Film Festival on Monday.

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Save Marzieh Vafamehr – URGENT ACTION via Facebook

Send an e-mail to unesco each day of this week to ask a huge support to Marzieh Vafamehr.

For acting a special character in „Tehran foe sale“, actress Marzieh Vafamehr is sentenced to one year imprisonment and 90 lashes !

Envoyer un E-mail à l’unesco cette semaine pour demander un immaense soutien l’actrice Marzieh Vafamehr, condamnée à un an d’emprisonnement et 90 coups de fouets pour avpir jouer un personnage différent, révolté dans „Téhéran à vendre“

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Eye on Iran: EU Expands Sanctions Against Iran

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AP: „The European Union has expanded sanctions against Iran because of continued human rights abuses. A meeting of EU foreign ministers added 29 officials linked to the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the list of people facing a visa ban and asset freeze. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Monday the measures were enforced to increase ‚the pressure on Iran to improve its appalling human rights record.‘ The EU says human rights abuses have increased over the past weeks and months, including the execution of minors. It also calls for more religious freedom and an end of repression of the political opposition.“
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EIL: Iran lässt zwei der sechs BBC-Reporter frei

Zwei der sechs iranischen Reporter, die im September wegen Zusammenarbeit mit der britischen BBC festgenommen worden sind, sind wieder auf freiem Fuß. Einer von ihnen musste eine Kaution von rund 160 000 US-Dollar zahlen, wie AFP unter Berufung auf iranische Medien meldete.

Der Meldung zufolge wurden Nasser Saffarian und Mohsen Shahnazdar freigelassen. Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, Hadi Afarideh, Shahnam Bazdar und Katayoun Shahabi befinden sich weiterhin in Haft.

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10. Oktober 2011 – internationaler Tag gegen die Todesstrafe

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