Iran 1st-Hand Special: Basij Student’s Account of the Attack on the British Embassy

first-hand account from one of the Basij militia who attacked the British Embassy in Tehran on Tuesday — the author, Hamid Darveshie Shahkolaie, is  the editor-in-chief of „Hayat“, the monthly publication of the Basij students of Imam Sadeq University. Posted early Wednesday morning, it also offers photographs of the attack:

„The Events of the Conquering and Retaking of Ghalhak Garden by the Efforts of Students“

Intent, Getting to the Old Fox’s Embassy; Target, the Iranian Garden of Qolhak 

Last afternoon, we took the bus to gather and bang our chests in front of the embassy of the malicious State of Britain. I was surprised from the beginning at the route the bus was taking. My suspicions turned to reality when we came out through Pasdaran. At Shariati, I believed that we were going to conquer Qolhak Garden. Our brothers in the security forces were caught off-guard. They were waiting for us at Ferdowsi Square, near the [main building of the] Embassy. No one was waiting for us at [the secondary building at] Qolhak Garden.

Entering the Garden Didn’t Take 10 Seconds

When the policeman responsible for the diplomatic police kiosk saw dozens of us — the boys that made it to the Garden were in three buses — he tried to force us away. We had nothing to do with him. He picked up his hand-held radio and asked for back-up. After just ten seconds, one of us climbed on the wall and many others followed after him. They quickly jumped over the door. Within a minute, I and other boys entered Iranian soil, the Iranian garden of Qolhak.

After a couple of hours, I asked four of the guards at the Iranian Garden where they were when we came. They said that they ran away the minute they saw the first boy climb over the wall.

We Will Give Back Your Papers at the Airport

Our entrance sounded the alarm. That reminded me of computer games where you fire the first shot and you start hearing the alarm all of a sudden. To make it short, we found six staff members. We told them to be calm and not to be afraid. We [said that we] have come here because of the dangerous and animosity-filled policies of their government and its hand in the assassination of Dr. Shahriari [Majid Shahriari, a scientist killed in November 20010] and nuclear issues and such and that we would give them their passports at the airport so they can return to their country.

I don’t want to brag, but their translator (the guard) told us: „You came in so fast and caught me off-guard that I wasn’t able to fulfill my duty, which was to escort them out.“ He was a lowly man and a liar. For instance he told us there were just five staff members, but we found a sixth. The poor staff were very afraid and locked the door so that we would not find them.

First, the British Flag Came Down

After our entrance into the Garden, first, the flag of Britain came down and then, the flag of Iran was hoisted.

Then the search began from room to room. Since only the land was occupied [by the British], we didn’t take any of the expensive stuff. But what can I say! There was everything. Expensive jewelry, alcoholic beverages, the complete first edition series of Harry Potter, and obscene movies and magazines.

Guarding Qolhak Garden

We also talked to the four Iranian guards of the garden at length. They were unhappy with their wages! One of them had been present in the occupation of Qolhak Garden in the winter of 2008. Here’s the sign outside their door where the boy wrote, „Death to Britain“.

The Sons of the Old Fox Appeared Weak 

The name of Great Britain, the colonizer on whose land the sun never sets, wasn’t becoming of them.

Woe onto Forces That Only Clash with Basij

Fifteen students, including 12 from Imam Sadeq University and 3 from Sharif University, are still under the detention of the disgraceful forces of Qolhak Garden. [The occupiers were taken away by security forces, but almost all — if not all — have now been released.] Pray for their freedom. The liars told us they freed all of them. Give us back our dear friends. The fault of these friends was that they were walking ahead of the group and went straight up to the human wall of the special forces and were quickly put into vans. They were tricked by the good behaviour of our brothers in the forces.

Security Forces Hit Students with Batons

They say being hit by a baton on the head is only for dangerous madmen, [but that is] a last resort. This means that you hit them in the leg frist, then on the waist…and if they still don’t fall, you hit them in the head. I don’t know why our savage brothers hit our brothers who were members of Hezbollah in the head right away.

An Unintelligent Bunch with a Complex  

An imbecile soldier asks: „How much did you get paid to come here?“

When they come from the provinces to Tehran for service, it’s quite possible they haven’t heard of the Revolution. Many don’t know that we came here to give our lives for Islam and the revolution.

When these soldiers go to training school, their officers have complexes and they train soldiers with complexes. Hence, we shouldn’t expect a culture of stability to come out of them.

To be honest, if I ever become the commander of the military, I will find all the officers that trained these soldiers with a complex (especially some of the special forces) and sent them to attack Basijis, and I will punish them severely.

At 3:30 p.m., we entered the Garden and at about 8 p.m., we were the last group that left it….At 6:40 p.m., we gave up the staff members that were under our custody (and were resting in a warm cozy room with all the perks) to our NON-brothers in the … force. [Shahkolaie does not mention the specific arm of the security forces.]

In the garden, Wi-Fi wasn’t working, so I was able to write just one sentence: „Khomeini! Be our witness that we acted according to…your last will. If the authorities still continue to commit mistakes, the ummah [people] of the party of Allah, from all groups, are ready to do their duty.

Side Note

Qolhak Garden is much bigger and prettier than Imam Sadeq University and is located in an area with great market value. In my opinion, even if the British own this land, the government should buy it from them.

Many thanks to Farani for helping with some of the translation. 

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