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The Latest from Iran (12 January): After the Tehran Bomb

0725 GMT: Currency Watch. The published „open-market“ rate for the Iranian rial vs. the US dollar stands at 16930:1, unchanged from yesterday, and gold coin remains at 675,000 Tomans (about $400).

Jason Rezaian offers a first-hand overview from Tehran:


The Bazaar Arz, the narrow 19th-century arcade that’s the center of Iran’s foreign exchange market, is crammed with people trying to sell their currency as sanctions tighten and tensions with the U.S. escalate. In nearby shops, imported laptops and smart-phones change price hourly. The rial weakened 20 percent in the past month at the official rate offered to Iranians traveling abroad, and by even more in the bazaar, where demand for dollars and euros is surging. 

It’s increasingly tough for Iranians to satisfy that demand. Websites posting currency rates were blocked last week, many official change bureaus were closed, and the government has halved the amount of dollars that Iranians planning trips abroad can buy. Central Bank Governor Mahmoud Bahmani denied the sanctions are causing problems, then linked the rial’s plunge to the political standoff. “The enemy is depending on creating psychological tensions,” he said. “If we are intimidated, we will be playing into the enemy’s hands.”

The rush for hard currency shows those tensions spreading among Iranians, even before the latest sanctions are fully implemented. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags


Iran Snap Analysis: Car Bomb’s Victim Was Not A „Nuclear Scientist“, But Can This Still Mean „War?

The Body of Mostafa Ahmadi Rostan After the BombExpect a lot more media sound and some fury today over Wednesday’s car bomb in Tehran, in which a motorcyclist killed Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan and his driver by attaching an explosive to their automobile.

Even the basic facts are being garbled in the accounts. For example, Ahmadi Roshan, according to all the information we have, was not a „nuclear scientist„. He was a chemist, graduating in 2002 from Sharif University in Tehran, who was working in the procurement section of the Natanz uranium enrichment facility.

That may be an important post — what Ahmadi Roshan was procuring has not come out in the information in the Iranian media — but it does make the victim a „nuclear scientist“. And it does not appear to put him at the heart of any scientific effort by Tehran to turn uranium into a bomb. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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