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Iran News Round Up (Jan. 20)

Cleric warns of enemy plots to harm upcoming parliamentary polls; Iran condemns foreign interference in Syria; Iran to announce date for nuclear talks with world powers

  • Ayatollah Ahmad Jannai, temporary Tehran Friday prayer leader:
    • „The enemy aims to create chaos during the [parliamentary] elections and desires to question the health of the polls. It does not want freedom in this election. The enemy also wants a low popular participation in the election. But they have miscalculated… The people will show an enemy crushing presence in elections and God willing there will be high participation with great freedom and competition.“ Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Teheran verbietet Barbie und promotet die Burka-Puppe

  • Iran geht gegen den Verkauf des langbeinigen Plastik-Spielzeugs vor.


Puppenschlacht: Die anderen sind "fett und hässlich".Puppenschlacht: Die anderen sind „fett und hässlich“.© REUTERS

 Irans Polizei geht gegen den Verkauf der Barbie-Puppen vor, weil sie die falschen westlichen Werte verkörpert, erklärten Geschäftsinhaber dieses Woche in Teheran.

Der Westen verhängt immer stärkere Sanktionen gegen den Iran, die Fronten verhärten sich im Konflikt über das Atomprogramm. Der Iran führt im Gegenzug im Landesinneren einen „wichen Krieg“ gegen die dekadente kulturelle Einflüsse von außen. „Vor drei Wochen kamen sie (die Moralpolizei) zu unserem Geschäft und haben uns aufgefordert, alle Barbie-Puppen zu entfernen“, erklärt der Betreiber eines Spielzeuggeschäfts im Norden von Teheran gegenüber der Nachrichtenagenur Reuters. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

UANI Releases Jennifer Lopez Parody Video, Highlighting Fiat’s Business in Iran

On Friday, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) continued its campaign against auto manufacturer Fiat, with the release of an online parody of Fiat endorser Jennifer Lopez’s „My World“ Fiat commercial. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

The Latest from Iran (20 January): Grim Times in Shiraz

1420 GMT: On the Air. The Guardian opens a story, „Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster’s English-language outlet, has been forced off the air in the UK after Ofcom revoked its licence for breaching the broadcasting code.“

Which is curious, I am sitting in Birmingham, in the centre of Britain, watching the Iranian State outlet — it’s a repeat of a diatribe by George Galloway, the former British MP — at the moment.

A later paragraph clarifies, „[The British regulator] Ofcom has contacted BSkyB, the satellite broadcaster that carries the Press TV channel, to have it removed from its broadcast schedule. Press TV is expected to be removed from the Sky satellite service by the end of Friday.“ Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

New Bid to Stifle Iran Aid to Syria


U.S. officials have uncovered an effort by Iran to help Syria mask its oil exports and evade an American and European embargo, in a potent new sign of Tehran’s campaign to bolster Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as his regime cracks down on public opposition.

American officials investigating the Iranian operation said it is designed to quietly ship Syrian crude oil to Iran, where it can be sold on the international market, with revenue going back to Damascus.

Transit records document one such shipment, involving more than 91,000 metric tons of crude, which took place last month.

„The oil shipment to Iran was designed to evade the sanctions that have been imposed on Syria,“ said a senior U.S. Treasury Department official familiar with the case.

Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Statement by 249 Iranian Pro-Peace Initiative Condemning Terror and the Assassination of Iran’s Nuclear Scientists

The Intelligence war with the Islamic Republic and various acts of sabotage — from assassination of senior commanders and scientists to destroying missile and nuclear facilities — that are currently underway, are but a piece of the long chain of damage and destruction imposed on Iranian people, by the Islamic Republic and its nuclear escapades.

We, as active opponents of war, strongly condemn the assassination of Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, the scientist and a supervisor at Natanz nuclear facility, and such acts of violence, which jeopardize the national security and scientific assets of our country.

Such behavior is in direct violation of formal policy of talks and negotiations, which can produce mutually beneficial results and reduce chances of war.  Terrorism of any kind, regardless of its reasons, must be condemned as it renders all peacekeeping efforts null and void and it only legitimizes counter-violence and further acts of terror. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Slovak politicians call Iran’s persecution of Baha’is „chilling“ and „abhorrent“

Treatment of the Baha’is in Iran has „escalated to an institutionalised and blatant policy of persecution,“ according to a proclamation issued by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Slovakian parliament.

The proclamation describes the Iranian government’s incitement to hatred based on religion and belief as „abhorrent.“ It also states that  the „regime’s endeavors to persecute Baha’is is chilling indeed,“ and demands an end to Iran’s „spiralling efforts to destroy the Iranian Baha’i community.“

Baha’is „must be guaranteed their full and equal human rights“ and „be allowed to contribute to the public life and development of Iran along with their fellow citizens,“ wrote the Foreign Affairs Committee. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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