Syria Video Special: Free Syrian Army Captures „Iranian Soldiers“

UPDATE 27 JANUARY, 0727 GMT: An EA correspondent makes a vital connection, linking the Thursday video of five „Iranian soldiers“ captured in Syria with the case of five Iranian „engineers“ reportedly kidnapped in Syria in December.

First, the names from the video which we posted last night: Sajjad (Haider Ali) Aminan, Ahmad Gertabadi. Hasan Hasani. Majid Qanbari. Kyumars Qobadi.

Now this from the Iranian website Mehr on 29 December:

The five [abducted] engineers, who have been building the [Syrian city of Hom’s] Jandar power plant for the past two years are: electrical engineer and caretaker of electrical equipment testing group Sajad Amirian; technician and the workshop caretaker Ahmad Sohrabi; technician and electrical equipments installer Hassan Hassani; technician and installer of testing equipments of electrical equipment Majid Ghanbari; and technician and electrical equipment installer Qumars Ghobadi.

These specialists are employed in Parsian and Fanavaran-Sanat-Gostar-e-Zagros Corporations.

A photo of five abducted Iranian „engineers“, with their Syrian cook — are they the five captured „Iranian soldiers“ shown in a video from Syria?


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