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Satellite Image of Building Which Contains a High Explosive Test Chamber at the Parchin Site in Iran
ISIS has identified in commercial satellite imagery a building on the Parchin site in Iran that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) wants to visit because it contains, or used to contain, a high-explosive test chamber.

Iran May Not Open a Site to Inspectors
Iran signaled on Tuesday that it was unwilling to grant a request by international nuclear inspectors for unfettered access to a restricted military complex that they suspect may house a chamber designed to test explosives used in atomic weapons triggers.

Iran asks for talks with world powers to be set
Iran on Wednesday made a formal request for a date and venue to be fixed for talks to resume with world powers focusing on Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme.Iran on Wednesday made a formal request for a date and venue to be fixed for talks to resume with world powers focusing on Tehran’s controversial nuclear programme.

Sanctions choke off Iran oil output
Iran’s oil production has fallen to a 10-year low and could drop to levels last seen during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s as sanctions over its nuclear programme disrupt an industry already suffering from years of underinvestment.

Cyber-attack on BBC leads to suspicion of Iran’s involvement
A „sophisticated cyber-attack“ on the BBC has been linked to Iran’s efforts to disrupt the BBC Persian Service.

Iran’s Ahmadinejad faces hostile lawmaker questions
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has appeared in parliament for an unprecedented grilling by lawmakers dissatisfied with his performance, Iranian media reported on Wednesday.


U.S. nuclear expert finds Iran explosive site in imagery
A U.S. non-proliferation expert said on Tuesday he has identified a building at the Parchin military site in Iran suspected of containing, currently or previously, a high-explosive test chamber the U.N. nuclear watchdog wants to visit.

Window for diplomatic solution with Iran is shrinking: Obama
President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the window for a diplomatic solution with Iran over its nuclear program was shrinking and he encouraged Tehran to seize the opportunity of talks to avert even worse consequences than current economic sanctions.

U.S. Asks Russia to Warn Iran of ‘Last Chance,’ Kommersant Says
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has asked her Russian counterpart to warn Iran that it has one “last chance” to reach a negotiated settlement over its nuclear program and avoid military action, Kommersant said.

Iranian released from US prison to be deported: official
An Iranian whose release reportedly had been sought by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is undergoing deportation proceedings after serving a five year prison sentence for arms smuggling, a US official said Tuesday.

Statement on Iran by the US Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council
Iran violently cracked down on dissent and freedom of expression prior to this year’s parliamentary elections […] We note the ongoing detention of political leaders Mehdi Karroubi, Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard, who have been under house arrest for over a year. We also note the continued harassment and arrest of journalists who seek to document these abuses and give voice to their fellow Iranians.


Emails show Syria’s Assad took advice from Iran
Bashar al-Assad took advice from Iran on how to handle the uprising against his rule, according to a cache of what appear to be several thousand emails received and sent by the Syrian leader and his wife.

Cameron and Obama unite to press Syria and Iran
Britain and the US presented a united front on Wednesday as Prime Minister David Cameron and President Barack Obama used a joint press conference to turn up the heat on Syria and Iran. The two leaders also vowed to stay the course in Afghanistan.

Iran sends planeload of ‚medical aid‘ to Syria: report
Iran sends 40 tonnes of aid to Syria’s Red Crescent as its Syrian regime ally cracks down on rebels.

Saudi Arabia closes embassy in Syria
Saudi Arabia says it has closed its embassy in Damascus and pulled out its diplomats and staff as Syrian President Bashar Assad steps up attacks against the opposition.

Iran lauds Egyptian parliament’s decision to expel Israeli ambassador
Iran has hailed the Egyptian parliament which unanimously voted on Monday to expel the Israeli ambassador to Cairo and halt gas exports.

Turkey to sue Iran over natural gas price
In the absence of an agreement over the price Turkey pays for Iranian natural gas, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız has said the government is getting ready to sue the Middle Eastern country’s administration in an international court of arbitration for a settlement that the two countries could not reach on their own.

Saudi Arabia ready to fill gap in global oil supply
Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia stands ready to fill any oil supply gap — „perceived or real“ — as oil prices rally on fears of a potential loss of Iranian output. Kuwait Top oil exporter Saudi Arabia stands ready to fill any oil supply gap — „perceived or real“ — as oil prices rally on fears of a potential loss of Iranian output.


U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports
Obama administration officials say they are worried India may run afoul of a new U.S. law restricting payments for Iranian oil, forcing the White House to impose sanctions on one of its most important allies in Asia.

India police name Iranian suspects in Delhi attack
Three Iranians have been named by Indian police as suspects in an attack on an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi, the first time Iran has been firmly linked to the bombing, reports said Thursday.

Azerbaijan ‚arrests Iran-backed attack plotters‘
Azerbaijan has arrested 22 people on suspicion of plotting attacks on the US and Israeli embassies in Baku on behalf of neighbouring Iran, the national security ministry said Wednesday.

Japan follows allies, adds Iran bank to sanctions list
Japan on Tuesday placed Iran’s third-largest bank on a blacklist for allegedly having helped Tehran develop its nuclear programme, following up on similar moves by the United States and the European Union announced in January.

Chinese bank pulls out of Pakistan-Iran pipeline project
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China won’t help finance the natural gas pipeline to Pakistan, apparently because of U.S. sanctions on Iran.


Iran’s Crude Oil Exports to Fall 50% on Embargo, IEA Says
Iran’s oil exports will probably decline by 50 percent when European sanctions take full effect in July, the International Energy Agency said.

EU calls on Iran to release rights lawyer
The European Union on Tuesday called on Iran to release a prominent human rights lawyer recently sentenced to 18 years in prison, calling the verdict an „unacceptable attack“ against the legal profession.


How Iran Risks Another Chernobyl
While attention has focused on Tehran’s alleged nuclear weapons ambitions, Russia’s lax safety standards risk creating another kind of nuclear disaster in Iran. […] Scratch beneath the surface of the Bushehr project and you soon encounter dysfunctionality and safety concerns that echo back to Russia’s own nuclear facilities, which include 11 Chernobyl-type reactors operating to this day, 26 years after the accident.


Iran’s stealth financial partners in Latin America
While the United States and NATO keep watch over Iran’s activities at its nuclear facilities and the Strait of Hormuz, the Islamic Republic has been outflanking the West with the help of anti-American regimes in Latin America.


South Africa looks for alternatives to Iran oil
The South African government plans to have alternatives to Iranian oil in place by the end of May as western powers tighten sanctions against the Islamic republic, the country’s energy minister said on Tuesday.


The Parchin Trap
The dispute between the IAEA and Tehran partly centers on the Parchin military complex, located about 20 miles southeast of Tehran. IAEA inspectors want to confirm evidence that, some years ago, Iran conducted high-explosives tests there that the IAEA termed „strong indicators of possible weapon development.“

Iran’s War in Gaza
This time, it’s not Hamas firing rockets into Israel — it’s Iranian proxies seeking to create havoc. […] Iran, through the use of its proxies, is fomenting instability in Gaza that it is ill-equipped to handle. Indeed, Tehran is punishing Gaza’s de facto rulers for leaving their long-standing alliance.

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