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Iran’s president says country’s army will make the enemy regret any aggression against Tehran
Iran’s armed forces will make its enemies regret any act of aggression against the Islamic Republic, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned on Tuesday as Iranians marked National Army Day with a military parade near the capital Tehran.

Iran: Ready to Resolve Dispute, and Eager to Ease Sanctions
Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said Monday that Iran was prepared to resolve the nuclear dispute with world powers at their next meeting, in Baghdad on May 23, if the West showed some good will by easing the sanctions imposed on Iran.

Oil buyers cut more Iran imports due to sanctions
Japan will slash crude purchases from Iran in April, and European and Taiwanese customers will also take less, industry sources told Reuters on Wednesday, adding to signs Western sanctions are curbing sales from OPEC’s second-largest producer.

Top Iran Nuclear Scientist, Once Targeted for Assassination, Gets New Emergency Post
The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, a top nuclear scientist who narrowly avoided an assassination attempt less than two years ago, has been given a new post as the commander for nuclear and radioactive emergencies, the Iranian military announced Tuesday.

Iran Arrests 15 People Accused in Assassination Plot
Iran’s state media announced on Wednesday that 15 people, including Iranians and unspecified foreigners, had been arrested in connection with what the country’s Intelligence Ministry described as a “Zionist-regime-linked” plot to assassinate one of its “specialists.”

Iranians surround Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s car in poverty protest
The remarkable show of civil disobedience occurred during what was intended as a routine tour last week of the southern city Bandar Abbas.

Iran tightens grip on web in ’soft war‘ with West
Iran calls it the „soft war“ with the West: Battles to control, defend and monitor the Internet and other high-level telecommunications. The latest move came quietly when the powerful Revolutionary Guard recently launched what it claims is a hack-proof communications network for its high-level commanders.

Canadian facing execution in Iran supported by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says wife
The Canadian government, and Hamid Ghassemi-Shall’s family, are in a race against time to save the Toronto shoe salesman from execution in Iran.


Obama says nothing ‚given away‘ to Iran in nuclear talks
US President Barack Obama said Sunday that nothing had been „given away“ to Iran at weekend nuclear talks in Istanbul, warning Tehran that the clock was still ticking to reach an accord.

Clinton says U.S. will keep sanctions on Iran
The United States will maintain sanctions and other pressure on Iran as Tehran considers what it will bring to the table in the next round of talks over its nuclear program, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Monday.

US rules out easing Iran sanctions
The United States on Monday ruled out Iran’s call for a lifting of sanctions, saying that the Islamic republic must first address concerns over its nuclear program in „concrete“ ways.

U.S. Senate looks for way forward on next Iran sanctions
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Tuesday Congress should pass a proposed package of new oil- and banking-related sanctions to keep up the pressure on Tehran to abandon its nuclear program.


UK ‚will keep up pressure on Iran‘
According to the UK foreign secretary, Mr. Hague „When sanctions were weaker than they are now, of course, Iran was continuing with its nuclear programme, and indeed it may be the imposition of sanctions, the intensification of sanctions that is coming over the next few months that has contributed to Iran’s readiness to come back to the negotiating table. […] So, it certainly won’t be our approach to lift sanctions in the hope that something will emerge from Iranian negotiators. We will keep up the pressure.“

Swiss extend Iran sanctions, exempts central bank
Switzerland has extended financial sanctions against Iran but stopped short of freezing the assets of Iran’s central bank and imposing an oil embargo, pointing to an emerging policy rift with other Western powers over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.

Europe’s buyers trim Iranian oil imports in April
Iran’s oil buyers in Europe are progressively cutting volumes in advance of a European Union ban on Iran crude from July 1 and have reduced their April purchases by 75,000 barrels per day (bpd), industry sources said on Wednesday.


GCC slams Iran provocation
The six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council’s meeting in Doha on Tuesday condemned as ‘provocative’ a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to UAE’s island of Abu Mousa.

Iran will not tolerate fall of Assad, establishes joint ‘war room’ with Syria, Hezbollah
Iran is escalating its threat to respond forcefully against outside interference in the Syrian conflict, despite already having 15,000 of its own troops inside Syria to help put down the rebellion that threatens the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Ship suspected of arms smuggling to Syria docks in Turkey
German-owned ship suspected of carrying weapons and ammunition heading to Syria was being towed into Turkey’s Mediterranean Iskenderun port for inspection on Wednesday, officials said.


China, a key supplier of nuke arms to Pak and Iran: US report
China has been a „key supplier“ of technology, particularly PRC (Peoples Republic of China) entities providing nuclear and missile-related technology to Pakistan and missile-related technology to Iran, said a recent report of the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Exclusive: Japan cuts April Iran oil purchases 77 percent: trade
Japan will slash its crude purchases from Iran by almost 80 percent in April compared to the first two months of the year as buyers comply with Western sanctions, trade sources said.

Iran oil sanctions: Japan and India on different yardsticks
Japan is unlikely to be the „benchmark“ for India when the Obama Administration initiates the process of deciding the fate of Iranian sanctions on dozen countries, which according to a US legislation need to „significantly“ reduce dependence on oil from Iran.


S. Africa Engen buys Saudi crude to replace Iran
Engen has turned to top oil exporter Saudi Aramco for additional crude after South Africa’s biggest buyer of Iranian crude halted imports from the Islamic Republic, trade sources said on Wednesday.


President Ahmadinejad to visit Brazil
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will soon start a tour of Brazil and some other South American countries including Peru.

Venezuela Has Not Shipped Oil to Iran, Minister Says
Venezuela has not shipped oil to Iran and has no plans to do so, nor is it preparing to make new shipments of crude to Syria, Oil and Mining Minister Rafael Ramirez said.

Exclusive: Bolivia says may de-flag Iranian ships
Bolivia could strike 15 vessels linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines off its shipping register just weeks after IRISL found Bolivian replacements for their Maltese and Cypriot flags.


The P5-plus-1 talks with Iran are a dangerous charade
The Post reports that there is much happy talk after the Sunday negotiating session between Iran and the P5-plus-1 (U.S., Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany): “The day-long talks at an Istanbul conference center did not yield an agreement on specific curbs to Iran’s nuclear program, but U.S. and European officials described the negotiations as ‘constructive and useful’ and said a second round had been set for May 23 in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.”

The Magician Behind Iran’s Vanishing Oil Tankers
With sanctions bearing down on Iran, the Iranian shipping industry has been putting on a carnival of flim-flam to hide its doings. In the latest twist on this sanctions-dodging performance, Iran’s oil tankers have begun vanishing from the public radar, making it harder to track what they are doing with the oil that helps sustain Iran’s proliferation prone regime.

Analysis: Marine insurance: the stranglehold on Iran?
Marine insurance, or lack of it, may yet turn out to be the most effective sanction used by Western nations in 17 years of tightening the screws on Iran’s nuclear program.

America and the Iranian Lobby
After reading the book „The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower“, it became evident to me that the Iranian lobby is performing a major role within the US to influence the decision-making process regarding American-Iranian relations. Such an influence is ultimately working to the advantage of the regime in Tehran by marketing the Mullah regime in the West in general, and in the US in particular, at the expense of Arab parties harmed by its expansionist ambitions and Iranian interventions in their internal affairs, such as Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, or Iranian occupations of their soil, such as the case with the UAE and Iraq.

Source: Réalité-EU


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