Iranian Imam warns against spread of house churches !

.The increasing spread of Christianity in Iran and the resulting growth of house churches among Iranians has turned into a big concern for Iranian religious experts and clerics. They use every means to warn against this issue.

According to Iranian Christian news agency, „Mohabat News“, in his latest remarks in a meeting with the leader and managers of the Organization of Islamic Propaganda in the religious city of Qom, Hojatol-Eslam Seyed Mohammad Saeedi, who is also the Friday prayer Imam, warned against „the enemy’s efforts“ to establish „house-churches“ and called on cultural authorities, especially those at the Organization of Islamic Propaganda to be pioneers in promoting religious teachings.

Qom is considered the religious capital of Iran and because the most prominent Shi’ite seminary is based in the city, it is also known as the center of the Shi’ite world.

Saying „some families are vulnerable“, the Islamic cleric called for the implementation of propagating programs for Iranian families and said, „the presence of clerics among families is the best and most effective way to promote religious matters and sharia laws.“

Taking such positions against Christianity in Iran is not something new. Some Ayatollahs including Mesbah-Yazdi, Vahid Khorasani, Makarem-Shirazi who are top religious experts already insulted Christianity and Christians. The same statements by Ayatollahs prompted security and intelligence forces to impose more pressure on Iranian Christians.

.Ayatollah Khorasani

In this connection, Ayatollah Khorasani, an eminent religious expert (reference point) claimed, in a gathering with Islamic seminary students in Qom held to address Christian evangelism in Iran, that they even know the number of young people in Qom who have converted to Christianity!

The Shi’ite Ayatollah criticized the growth of Christianity in Iran and said, „Christianity rooted in Iran is deceiving young Shi’ites and they (the authorities) are fighting for who will be the boss.“ After saying that he requested that Christian evangelism be eradicated from the country!

He added, „Isn’t there someone to say what it means to have this much corrupt Christian propaganda even in the religious city of Qom?!“

Then he heavily criticized the senior administrators and authorities for giving their attention to unimportant matters and being negligent in such issues. He also warned them not to be negligent any longer.

Heydar Moslehi, the Iranian Intelligence Minister, also spoke in a meeting held in Feizieh Seminary in Qom. He outlined ways to deal with the growth of Christianity and house churches in Iran, and announced a series of new plans against Christianity.

The increased threats, arrests and torture of a number Christians and Christian converts by security and judicial authorities, especially in religious cities, is convincing evidence that the Ayatollahs (Islamic clerics) direct the Intelligence and security services of the regime in dealing with the growth of Christianity in Iran.

Source: Mohabat News

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