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Eye on Iran: U.S. Bets New Oil Sanctions Will Change Iran’s Tune

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NYT: „After three and a half years of attempting to halt Iran’s nuclear program with diplomacy, sanctions and sabotage, the Obama administration and its allies are imposing sweeping new sanctions that are meant to cut the country off from the global oil market. Many experts regard it as the best hope for forcing Iran to change its course. On Sunday, the European Union is putting in place a complete embargo of oil imports from Iran, which was the Continent’s sixth-biggest supplier of crude in 2011. Three days ago, the United States imposed a new round of sanctions that could punish any foreign country that buys Iranian oil. However, it has issued six-month exemptions to 20 importers of Iranian oil who have significantly cut their purchases, including China, which has openly opposed the pressure on Iran… ‚It is our assessment that the Iranians have not experienced deep enough sanctions, long enough to fully understand what their isolation means,‘ a senior administration official closely involved in strategy said Friday in an interview.“  Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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