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Eye on Iran: Iran’s President Says New Sanctions Are Toughest Yet

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NYT: „Iran’s president acknowledged on Tuesday that new sanctions imposed by Western powers were the most onerous ever but said they would have no impact on the Iranian position in a protracted dispute over its nuclear energy activities. The statement by the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was his first public appraisal of the new European and American sanctions, which are aimed at crippling Iran’s oil industry. He spoke as Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps sought to punctuate defiance of Western pressure by test-firing missiles capable of hitting Israeli and American military bases in the Middle East. Clips of the missile launchings were broadcast on state television. ‚The sanctions imposed on our country are the most severe and strictest sanctions ever imposed on a country,‘ Mr. Ahmadinejad said during a meeting with Intelligence Ministry officials in Tehran, reported by Iranian news services. ‚But the enemies‘ assumption that they can put Iran in a weak position through these sanctions is false and is the result of their materialistic calculations.'“  Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Roundup of Today’s International News 05/07/12


Oil Backed Up, Iranians Put It on Idled Ships
The hulking tanker Neptune was floating aimlessly this week in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, a fresh coat of black paint barely concealing its true identity as an Iranian ship loaded with hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil that no one is willing to buy.

Iran Takes Defiant Steps Over New Sanctions
Iran took defiant steps on Monday in response to the intensified Western sanctions aimed at stifling its oil exports, announcing legislation intended to disrupt traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, a vital Persian Gulf shipping lane, and testing missiles in a desert drill clearly intended as a warning to Israel and the United States.

World powers and Iran to hold more technical talks
World powers and Iran agreed at a low-level meeting in Istanbul to continue technical talks over Tehran’s nuclear programme, European Union officials said on Wednesday, in hopes of salvaging diplomacy meant to resolve the decade-old dispute. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

„Hafez“ opera puppet show goes on stage in Tehran

Report by Tehran Times; photos by Armin Karami, Mehr News Agency

Stage director Behruz Gharibpur took „Hafez“ opera puppet show on stage at Tehran’s Ferdowsi Hall on Saturday after three years of continuous efforts. The Aran Theater Troupeincluding a team of about 30 singers led by prominent singer Alireza Qorbani are collaborating with Gharibpur in this play.

„I began to collect my notes and sat down to write the opera puppet show of Hafez three years ago and I did my best to make it different from my previous works,“ he told the Persian service of Fars News Agency on Monday.

He continued, „I was looking for new voices and selected 30 from among 90 volunteers and now I am satisfied that I made the right selection and the best decision.“

„I would like to remove all the memories of previous shows from the minds of viewers so they would not find any similarities between the operas. That’s why I insisted on collaborating with new composers and singers,“ Gharibpur said.

Behruz Gharibpur

He also said, „Tazieh (Iranian passion play) was a great help in this opera. We have made use of tazieh for different roles, ending with good results, since I aimed to show that tazieh is a rich treasure and needs to be revived.“

„Tazieh is an Iranian opera, which must be praised and preserved,“ he added. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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