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Four Post Election Detainees Summoned to Serve Their Sentences at Evin Prison

July 21st, 2012 – [Kalame]  The following four individuals arrested following the 2009 rigged presidential elections. have been summoned to serve out their sentences at Evin prison:

1)  Mansour Naghipour, a member of The Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA Iran) was summoned to Evin prison to serve out a 7 year prison sentence.  Naghipour was arrested by the security office of the IRGC (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps)  in March 2010 along with 30 other members of HRA Iran and was later released on an $80,000 USD bail.

2) Ali Mola Haji, a medical engineering student at the University of Qazvin was summoned to Evin prison on July 4th, 2012 to serve a 3 year prison sentence.   Mola Haji was arrested in Tehran February 14th, 2011 when attending a rally in support of the democracy seeking movements in Tunisia and Egypt, and was held in Evin’s security ward 240 for a period of 45 days.

3) Abtin Jahaniyan, accused of attending demonstrations was also summoned to Evin prison to serve a 3 year prison sentence.

4) Ashkan Alhayari, sentenced to 1 year prison as a result of attending demonstrations also summoned to Evin prison to serve his prison sentence.

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Iran: Spitzenreiter im Drogenkonsum

Autor:Parsa Bayat
Redaktion:Ana Lehmann

Iran gehört weltweit zu den Spitzenreitern in Sachen Drogenkonsum. Billiges Rauschgift fließt aus Afghanistan und Pakistan ins Land. Die Behörden sind zerstritten.


… ist ein großes gesellschaftliches Problem im Iran. Iranische Experten schätzen, dass es fünf bis acht Millionen Drogenabhängige im Land gibt. Hinzu kommt die Dunkelziffer der Gelegenheitskonsumenten. Die hohen Zahlen sind nicht verwunderlich, da preiswertes Rauschgift aus Afghanistan und Pakistan nach Iran fließt. Die Nachbarländer sind die größten Drogenproduzenten weltweit. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

TV Tipp: Phoenix – Kick in Iran / HEUTE! 21. Juli 2012, 22:30 Uhr

Deutschland 2009  |  80 Min.
HEUTE! 21. Juli 2012,  22:30 Uhr

Dokumentarfilm  –  Sara Khoshjamal hat geschafft, was bisher noch keiner anderen Frau vor ihr gelungen ist. Die 20jährige Muslima ist die erste Sportlerin aus dem Iran, die sich jemals in der Geschichte des iranischen Frauensports für die Olympischen Spiele qualifizieren konnte. Sie macht Taekwondo. Der Film begleitet Sara und ihre Trainerin über einen Zeitraum von neun Monaten auf ihrem steinigen Weg zu Olympia 2008 in Peking.

TV Tipp: EINSfestival – Sonbol – Rallye durch den Gottesstaat

Montag, 23. Juli 2012, 16:45  Uhr Einsfestival

‚Warum findest du eigentlich keinen Mann?‘ wird Sonbol immer wieder von ihrer Mutter gefragt. Die Antwort ist Schweigen, trotziges, selbstbewusstes Schweigen. Sonbol Fatemi ist 35 Jahre alt. Sie hat ihre eigene Zahnarztpraxis und nebenbei fährt sie Autorallyes, am liebsten gegen Männer. Unabhängig und selbstständig will sie sein, sich nicht von anderen gängeln lassen, weder im Motorsport noch im Privaten.

Das ist schwierig in ihrer Heimat. Sonbol lebt in der heiligen Stadt Mashad in der Islamischen Republik Iran. Sie ist gläubige Muslimin. Als sie neunzehn Jahre alt war, hat ihre Familie sie verheiratet. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

U.S. Warns Iran about Prisoners

On July 18, the State Department expressed concern about the deteriorating condition of political prisoners in Iran. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland issued the following statement.

We are concerned by recent reports that Kurdish activist Mohammed Seddigh Kaboudvand and human rights defender Nargess Mohammadi are suffering from rapidly deteriorating health while in prison.  Kaboudvand has been on hunger strike since May 26 to protest the Iranian authorities’ refusal to allow him to visit his ill son, and Mohammadi has been denied proper medical care for previous health problems.  Both are reportedly in critical condition.

We call upon Iranian authorities to immediately release all political prisoners and to uphold its own laws and international obligations that guarantee freedom of expression, religion, opinion, and assembly for all citizens.

79/11, Tehran or Tunis | Part 1: The Fork in the Revolutionary Road


Two different militaries, and one calculated destruction of constitutional order.


Dr. Iraj Omidvar teaches English at Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, Georgia.
As a Fulbright Fellow in Tunisia in 2007, questions I posed about domestic politics would often elicit silence, which spoke volumes about the police state that Tunisia was back then.But this May, I noticed that the silence had given way to the sound of Tunisians talking about a wide range of issues — domestic and global politics, religion, women’s rights. The discussions are often heated because they are about momentous decisions with far-reaching consequences not just for Tunisians but, as they recognize, for every country in North Africa and the Middle East, including Iran.

My conversations with Tunisians were eye-opening for me, not just about their revolution but also the 1979 Iranian one, which I experienced as an adolescent.

As I listened to Tunisians talk about their revolution, I was often surprised by some of the topics that preoccupy them: the rule of law, freedom of the press and media, the quality of deliberations in the Constitutional Assembly, and government transparency and effectiveness. These topics represent priorities that are different, in significant ways, from what I remember and later learned about the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Rafsanjani Calls for Free Elections in Iran: Warnings on Weakening National Solidarity

By Mohammad Reza YazdanpanahRooz Online

The head of Iran’s powerful State Expediency Council and two-time president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has called for “All the phases of the future presidential elections to be held legally, transparently and freely.” According to him, this would “bring greater trust and hope to the public, and groups and forces loyal to the revolution and the constitution.” Prior to this Rafsanjani had asserted that the supreme leader of the Islamic regime had not opposed the presence of reformers in the Majlis elections.

Rafsanjani’s remarks, which were posted on his own official website, called for the need to “hold the elections in a transparent, legal and free” manner. He added that the materialization of this would “Recreate and return [the country] to the experience of the victory of the revolution, the imposed war and other events in creating unity, solidarity, and cooperation among people and officials.”

The veteran politician also said that this was “the right way to address the problems and threats” facing the country. While he did not elaborate or even mention what problems and threats he was refereeing to but said, “this way we can hope that the enemy of the Islamic regime will fail in its dirty goals.” Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Public confidence key to ending nuclear disputes: Iranian Activists

By Radio Zamaneh

Six prominent Iranian political activists have issued a statement urging the establishment to „build public confidence in domestic affairs“ because it’s the best way to resolve the country’s nuclear disputes with the international community.

The statement from nationalist-religious figures, published today on the Melimazhabi website, indicates: „No doubt the foundation of this confidence-building will be to remove all obstacles to the public’s effective supervision of government decision-making and actions, by protecting the freedom of the press as well as independent parties and organizations and social groups, and also by reforming parliamentary and legislative power through healthy and free elections and political freedom.“ Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags


By Kam ZarrabiIntellectual Discourse

Sanctions are hitting hard, inflation is soaring out of control, unemployment is reaching staggering numbers and people are approaching the end of their patience!  At least this is what we are reading and hearing here half-way around the world from the ground-zero, Iran.

I have just returned from my second visit to Iran, exactly a year after my first visit which had inspired me to write my memoirs,Iran, Back in Context. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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