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Exclusive Interview with Mojtaba Vahedi after Resignation: Break Away from the Green Movement

By Mohammad Reza YazdanpanahRooz Online

In an exclusive interview with Rooz, Mojtaba Vahedi, the former spokesperson for Green Movement leader Mehdi Karoubi who continues to be under house arrest, announced that he has decided to end his relationship as advisor to Mr. Karoubi. He made the announcement on his personal website in a letter in which he wrote that he believed in “the complete overthrow of the regime that has been created in the name of religion,” and since Karoubi continued to believe in the “Islamic republic as defined by ayatollah Khomeini”, he has decided to end his 30-year cooperation with him. In the letter, Vahedi calls Karoubi his “great teacher” and writes that now is a good time to join millions of Iranians. He also wishes Karoubi success in his path.

Mojtaba Vahedi

Vahedi is a well-known reformist and journalist. He was till this letter Karoubi’s advisor and spokesperson. He was also the chief editor of Aftab Yazd newspaper at one time. He is now a resident of Virginia in the United States.

Read on for the details.

Rooz: Had you informed Mr. Karoubi of your decision to separate prior to the announcement?

Mojtaba Vahedi (Vahedi): No. I spoke with one of his children after the publication of the letter. I think their minds were ready for this. When I wrote two weeks earlier that I was thinking of retirement, many thought of this. In the year and a half that I have been in the US whenever I gave any interviews I made it clear that it was as a journalist and political commentator. Prior to February 2011 you will not find anywhere where I said that I was speaking as the advisor to Karoubi. This was used only after the house arrest of Mr. Karoubi which was because of the message that he himself had sent me. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Morality Police In Iran Hand Out Flowers For „Good Hijab“

Photos by Aboutaleb Nadri, Mehr News Agency

The morality police in Iran’s Golestan province was playing the good cup today. They were out in the streets handing flowers to women with „good hijab.“ Will the bad cups be out tomorrow detaining the women with „bad hijab,“ as they have been doing in the previous days and weeks?

This summer, the „morality police“ has been active the streets of major cities in greater numbers confronting violations of the Islamic dress code. So handing out flowers with a smile was a welcome change! Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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