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Iranian Police arrest administrators of Facebook page

GVF — Iranian police have arrested two administrators of a popularFacebook page.

The country’s cyber police say two individuals have been arrested for allegedly setting up a page on the social networking site called “Dafhaye Tehran.”

According to Iranian police, the page had recruited around 30,000 members before it was recently dismantled.

In January, authorities announced the arrest of four administrators of another Facebook group called “Daaf and Paaf,” which had launched an online beauty competition. That group was also “destroyed” by the police after its administrators were accused of spreading corruption and immorality.

The Factors Behind Rebellion in Iranian Kurdistan

Author: Chris Zambelis

When viewing Iran, the locus of international attention remains fixed on the quarrelsome condition of U.S.-Iran relations and the tensions surrounding its nuclear program. The domestic political landscape in Iran, specifically the numerous ethnic and sectarian minorities in the country, is also beginning to draw more attention. Through collective displays of peaceful activism to organized campaigns of violence, a number of movements purporting to stand for the interests of ethnic and sectarian minority communities who see themselves as victims of state-directed oppression are increasingly capturing the spotlight. The September 22, 2010 bombing that occurred during the annual festivities surrounding “Sacred Defense Week” in the predominately ethnic Kurdish city of Mahabad appears to illustrate this pattern of dissent.[1] The attack in Mahabad killed 12 bystanders and injured dozens more.[2] Seemingly targeting a procession of soldiers, the victims of the attack were primarily children and women, including two wives of Iranian military commanders.[3]

No individual or group claimed responsibility for the bombing, although Iran quickly named a number of potential culprits, including what Iranian authorities described as “counter-revolutionaries” such as armed Kurdish nationalist militants associated with Partiya Jiyana Azadi Kurdistan (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, PJAK).[4] Mahabad and surrounding regions in northwestern Iran have been the scenes of frequent clashes between PJAK guerrillas and Iranian security forces during the last few years.[5] In spite of the questions surrounding the perpetrators of the attack in Mahabad—PJAK continues to deny any role in the bombing—the trajectory of violence in northwestern Iran between Kurdish militants led by PJAK and state security forces points to a deeper current in Iranian society characterized by growing unrest among Iran’s restive ethnic Kurdish minority.[6] Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

The Baha’is of Semnan: A community under fire

A dramatic intensification of persecution of Baha’is in the Iranian city of Semnan has been described as „distinctive and alarming“ by the Baha’i International Community.

Dozens of attacks since 2009 against a large number of Semnan’s Baha’is have been carried out by officials, semi-official groups, and plainclothes agents. At least 30 Baha’is have been arrested, with several now serving long prison sentences; homes and shops have been targeted by arsonists; and numerous Baha’i-owned businesses have been shut down by authorities. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

TV TIPP: ZDF.kultur – Die Welt von Vice

Freitag, 10.8.2012, 22:40 UHR, ZDF kultur

Chefredakteur Tom Littlewood stellt in dieser Folge die illegalen Waffenmärkte der Taliban in Pakistan sowie die rebellische Filmszene im Iran vor. Pakistan gilt nicht erst seit der Tötung Osama bin Ladens als die neue Heimat des islamistischen Terrorismus. 2006 war Suroosh Alvi einer der wenigen Journalisten, die durch den weltweit größten illegalen Waffenmarkt inmitten der Stammesgebiete von Nordwest-Pakistan schlendern durften.

Er berichtet, woher die Unmengen an Waffen kommen, und unterzieht sie auf einem der „Schießstände“ über den Dächern von Darra einem Praxistest. In Iran trifft er eine neue Generation von Filmemachern. Trotz eines zweifelhaften Nuklear-Programms und einem ultrakonservativen Präsidenten hat sich im Iran eine der progressivsten und einflussreichsten Filmszenen überhaupt entwickelt. Shane Smith tauchte in diese Welt ein und fand heraus, wie sich trotz der politischen Unterdrückung eine selbstbestimmte Kreativkultur bilden konnte.

People in Shiraz Celebrate Omid Norouzi’s Gold Medal

Photos by Mohsen Tavaro, Mehr News Agency

There were spontaneous and joyous celebrations in the streets of Shiraz, southern Iran, on Monday night after Iranian Greco-Roman wrestler Omid Norouzi won the Olympics gold medalin the men’s 60-kg category. People gathered inside and around Norouzi’s house, and in the streets, waving flags and celebrating.

Norouzi defeated Revaz Lashkhi from Georgia to claim the gold. The 26-year-old Iranian athlete had overcome his Chinese, Bulgarian, Kazakh and Japanese rivals in his march to the final bout on Monday. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iran Civil Society – Sanctions Block Delivery of Medication to New Policies Limit Educational Choices for Girls (Arseh Sevom weekly)

We would be remiss if we didn’t congratulate Iran’s Olympic athletes, so congratulations to them. This week, the head of Iran’s Hemophilia Center reminds the world of the unintended consequences of the sanctions: blocked payments for life-saving medications. Girls and women are told they can no longer study a wide range of subjects from engineering to educational studies, while the Supreme Leader posts his first images using the popular social photo app Instagram. We get a reminder of Iran’s National Internet project, which is now scheduled to be unveiled in phases beginning in September. In another seeming reversal of long-standing cultural norms, polygamy is promoted on a television program in Qom province. Imprisoned journalists challenge heads of the Non-Aligned Movement to visit them in prison while in Iran for their summit, as more Baha’is are arrested throughout the country. Film star, Leila Hatami finds herself in the limelight again with an award for Arts and Letters from the French government. Iran’s Environmental Organization searches for solutions to growing pollution and the depletion of Lake Orumieh. Maybe they can find them at Iran’s first TEDx conference slated for January of next year.

Medicine Shortage Threatens Lives of Hemophiliac Children in Iran

The head of Iran’s Hemophilia Center has sent an open letter to the director of the Global Hemophilia Federation warning that the economic sanctions placed by the West to contain the Iran’s nuclear program have critically endangered the lives of hemophiliac patients by creating obstacles in providing them with their needed medicine. The main problem, according to the letter, is the blocks on Iran’s banking system. These blocks have made payments for medications nearly impossible.

The Hemophilia Center of Iran has a history of 45 years working as an NGO with no political record in its background. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iranians Abducted in Syria Accused of Revolutionary Guard Ties


Press Roundup provides a selected summary of news from the Farsi and Arabic press and excerpts where the source is in English. 


11:55 p.m. IRDT, 17 Mordad/August 7 On Friday, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting reported that 48 Iranian pilgrims visiting the Sayyida Zeinab Mosque in Damascus were abducted by „armed terrorist groups“ while being bussed through the city. This is not the first time Iranian nationals have been abducted during Syria’s internal conflict. Eleven pilgrims were abducted in February, as wereseven engineers in January, who were accused of being Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps agents; according to Iranian media reports, some of the latter have been released as a result of Turkish intervention. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags
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