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‚Zendegi-ye Khosoosi‘: The ‚Private Life‘ of an Iranian Reformist



A tale of a fatal attraction bears a host of ideological implications.

Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi is a doctoral student in modern Middle East studies at Queens College, University of Oxford.

A provocative film recently graced Iran’s cinemas, albeit for a short time, sparking controversy across the country. The hardline fundamentalist vigilante group Ansar-e Hezbollah (Helpers of the Party of God) sought to prevent Zendegi-ye Khosoosi (Private Life), directed by Mohammad Hossein Farah Bakhsh, from screening at numerous cinemas across the country after its limited release, and the film ultimately saw its license revoked. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has been heavily criticized by conservatives and fundamentalists for licensing it to begin with. Similarly, its screening at the Fajr Film Festival and the Best Actor award Farhad Aslani won there for his performance has been widely denounced. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

‚Terror Club‘: Iranian TV’s Prime-Time Assassination ‚Confessions‘


Press Roundup provides a selected summary of news from the Farsi and Arabic press and excerpts where the source is in English. 


1:10 a.m. IRDT, 19 Mordad/August 9 Terror Club, a 39-minute documentary that aired on IRTV1 this past Sunday, purported to show the confessions of people accused of working for Israel to kill Iranian nuclear scientists. The report apparently featured 12 of the 20 individuals the Tehran Times says were arrested in June on suspicion of espionage and terrorism. This is the second known mass arrest of Iranian nationals accused of working for Israel this year, and the second state television documentary featuring „confessions“ from those accused.Bizarrely, Terror Club seems to have lifted part of its soundtrack from the popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The instrumental choice that brings the show to a close chillingly fits in with the documentary’s take: „The Boneyard,“ which plays in a game level where the protagonist has just been betrayed by his commanding officer and is now on the run from both American and Russian agents, can be heard near the 31:50 mark as the scientists‘ relatives are being interviewed. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags
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