Book: In Iran – Text and Photos by Adam Jones

What is it like to travel in the Islamic Republic of Iran? In June 2012, Canadian scholar Adam Jonesand his companion Griselda Ramirez made a 26-day, 7,000-kilometer private tour through the western half of the country, accompanied only by their guide, Mahmood, and driver Samad. They visited most of Iran’s major cities along with many smaller towns, and travelled to remote frontier areas of Iranian Azerbaijan and Kurdistan.
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IN IRAN guides us from the suburbs and cemeteries of Tehran to the dizzying vistas of the Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges … from the salt flats of Lake Orumiyeh to the splendors of ancient Persepolis … from the wastes of the Central Desert to the cosmopolitan charms and classic architecture of Shiraz and Isfahan. Along the way, the reader absorbs much of Iranian history, politics, culture, and geography; gets to know Mahmood and Samad; and encounters an array of Iran’s dynamic, diverse, and ever-welcoming people. Uniquely, the text of IN IRAN incorporates links to hundreds of vivid images that Jones, a widely-published photojournalist, captured throughout his Iranian journey. The photos provide a constant and colorful accompaniment to this engaging, original, and up-to-the-minute account of one of the world’s most controversial and misunderstood countries – and one of its most historic and enduring civilizations.

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200 images by Adam Jones, as featured in In Iran: Text & Photos

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About Adam Jones, Ph.D.
I’m Professor of Political Science at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, Canada. Among my research interests are comparative genocide studies, gender & international politics, and media & democratization. My recent books include New Directions in Genocide Research (editor, 2012); Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (2nd ed., 2010); and Gender Inclusive: Essays on Violence, Men, and Feminist International Relations (2009). My e-book In Iran: Text & Photos appeared in 2013. I’m executive director of Gendercide Watch, a Web-based NGO. Check out my website and follow me on Twitter. For inspiration and uplift, see (and listen to) my blog Anthems for a New Generation. Email:
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