Iran: Presidential candidate’s detained campaign workers moved to solitary

Hassan Rohani

An opposition website reports that the detained members of Hassan Rohani’s campaign team have been transferred to solitary confinement. Kaleme reports that the detainees are, therefore, in the hands of the Ministry of Intelligence. Hassan Rohani is one of two presidential candidates linked to the reformists.

Young Rohani supporters at his campain rally in Jamaran
Sign reads: „our school friends are in jail“

On Saturday June 1, a number of young Rohani supporters were arrested at a meeting where the former nuclear negotiator was giving a speech.

The Guardian Council disqualified the chief reformist candidate, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, from running in the election, and among the eight approved candidates, Hassan Rohani and Mohammadreza Aref are considered to be the only reformists.

There has been some speculation that one of them may withdraw in favour of the other.



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