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2013 Trafficking in Persons Report – Iran

IRAN (Tier 3)

Iran is a presumed source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. Iranian and Afghan boys and girls residing in Iran are allegedly forced into prostitution within the country. In Tehran, there has reportedly been a recent significant increase in the number of teenage girls in prostitution. Iranian women, boys, and girls are purportedly subjected to sex trafficking in Iran, as well as in Pakistan, the Persian Gulf, and Europe. Azerbaijani women and children are also believed to be subjected to sex trafficking in Iran. According to some estimates, there are 35,000-50,000 children forced by their parents or other adults to beg in the streets of Tehran or to work in sweatshops; some of these children are also reportedly forced into prostitution in Iran and abroad.

Afghan migrants and refugees are reportedly subjected to forced labor in Iran. Pakistani men and women migrate voluntarily to Iran for low-skilled employment such as domestic work and construction. Some are suspected of being subsequently subjected to conditions of forced labor, including debt bondage, and experience restriction of movement, nonpayment of wages, and physical or sexual abuse. NGO reports indicate criminal organizations, sometimes politically connected, play a significant role in human trafficking in Iran. Unconfirmed reports indicate that some religious leaders and immigration officials are involved in human trafficking. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

Iraq: UN envoy welcomes relocation of dozens of Iranian exiles to Albania

The top United Nations official in Iraq today welcomed the relocation to Albania of 27 residents from an exile camp near western Baghdad.

„A total of 71 men and women now have safely arrived in Albania and have benefited from the Government of Albania’s offer to accept 210 of the Camp’s residents,“ said the UN Special Representative for the Secretary-General and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Martin Kobler.

Some 3,000 residents, most of them members of a group known as the People’s Mojahedeen of Iran, are temporarily housed in a transit facility called Camp Liberty – also know as Camp Hurriya – while the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) carries out a process to determine their refugee status.

Mr. Kobler said in addition to Albania, Germany has offered to relocate some 100 residents. The departure of the group from Iraq is in accordance with the memorandum of understanding of 25 December 2011, which foresees the relocation of the residents to third countries.

„I once again thank both countries‘ governments for their generosity and call on other Member States to receive residents as well,“ the UN envoy said.

The relocation comes just days after two people were reportedly killed and dozens injured in a mortar attack to the camp.

„Last week’s tragic events have once again shown how important it is to relocate the residents to third countries as quickly as possible,“ Mr. Kobler noted.

The camp had previously been attacked in February while most of the residents were sleeping. The attack resulted in six deaths and various injuries.


Source: UN News Service


VG Regensburg|Rückkehrgefährdung besteht für Iraner

Es ist davon auszugehen, dass der Wortführer eines Protestcamps von Flüchtlingen, der mediales Aufsehen erregt und sich auch über den iranischen Staat kritisch äußert, dem iranischen Geheimdienst bekannt ist und daher für ihn eine Rückkehrgefährdung besteht.

Exilpolitik, Iran, Protestcamp, Protestbewegung, Geheimdienst, exilpolitische Aktivitäten, Sicherheitsdienst, Überwachung im Ausland,

AufenthG § 60 Abs. 1, AsylVfG § 28 Abs. 1, Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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