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Iran: Sufi Activists Convicted in Unfair Trials

Iran’s judiciary should abandon charges and quash the verdicts against 11 members of a Sufi sect convicted in unfair trials and informed of their sentences in July 2013. Those in detention should be freed immediately and unconditionally.

The evidence suggests that all 11 were prosecuted and convicted solely because of their peaceful activities on behalf of the largest Sufi order in Iran or in connection with their contributions to a news website dedicated to uncovering rights abuses against members of the order.

„The Sufi trials bore all the hallmarks of a classic witch hunt,“ said Tamara Alrifai, Middle East advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. „It seems that authorities targeted these members of one of Iran’s most vulnerable minorities because they tried to give voice to the defense of Sufi rights.“ Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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