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Power Punishment & Execution in Iran

An analysis of Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment applied to modern Iran

In his seminal work, Discipline and Punishment, the French philosopher Michel Foucault remarked on the political significance of public executions as they once stood in the West.

“The public execution is to be understood not only as a judicial but also as a political ritual. It belongs, even in minor cases, to the ceremonies by which power is manifested.” — (Foucault, page 47)

Though his focus is 18th century Europe, Foucault’s remarks have startling applicability to the current situation in Iran.

Iran leads the world in per capita executions, and is one of the few countries which continues to publicly hang condemned individuals, creating a spectacle of terror in the street. These executions carry political significance beyond the administration of supposed justice. They are in essence an abstraction of the political and judicial climate in Iran, in which a population is controlled through sheer violence and terror.

To illustrate my point, I will reference a shocking amateur video whichemerged from Iran this week. The video appears to depict a prisoner who is set to be publicly hanged in Karaj on February 25th. At this time I do not have information as to the identity of the prisoner or the crime he was charged with.


In the video the man is seen begging to receive a final embrace from his Mother who is in the crowd. It appears that his Mother was present and can also be heard yelling to her son. Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags


United4Iran| Political Prisoners Database

United for Iran’s Political Prisoners Database is a dynamic database of current political prisoners in Iran. Our goal is to share information on individuals, advocate for all political prisoners and highlight systematic abuses by the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Turmeric & Safran| Iranian Movie Inspired Menu

In recent years, I have developed an increasing appreciation for Iranian movies that began after watching the very touching movie باشوغریبه کوچک – Bashu, the Little Stranger for the first time. It was a movie that was like no other Iranian movie I’d seen before. It tells the story of a boy who loses his family in the war in the southern region of Khuzestan and runs away on the back of a truck to a village up north in Gilan, Iran. SinceBashu, I have viewed and enjoyed countless Iranian films. However, for this post I have only selected some of my all time favorites and I paired each with carefully chosen dishes I thought would fit the mood of the film based on the script or the characters. Since it has been an ongoing film awards season and the 2014 Oscars will be on this Sunday, I thought this would be the best time to write about some of my favorite Iranian movies and to match them with delicious recipes. I think it’s fun eating tasty and healthy foods while viewing movies with friends and family at home or at a dine-in theater.

I grew up in a tiny town in Khuzestan and we had no TV set or TV reception. However, there were three small movie theaters scattered about and going to the movies was one of the very few things we did for fun, especially during the hot summertime. My parents would prefer taking us to the movies with them than leaving us home alone. Any films they saw, good or bad, we saw as well. I remember sitting next to my mother watching Fellini’s film, 8 1/2, and being bored out of my mind and totally confused. Of course, there were no movie ratings back then prohibiting kids to watch certain movies. When there was a scary or inappropriate scene in the movie, my mother would cover my eyes or shout چشماتو ببند cheshmato beband (close your eyes). One of the highlights of going to the movies during the summer was eating as we watched the film in the outdoor movie theater. On those nights we would sit in the last row by the exit waiting for our food to arrive, which was usually a platter of kabob koobideh on taftoon bread. I think that was the best part of going to the movies back then.

The following movies are not listed in any particular order. I love every single one of these movies equally and I would highly recommend watching them if you haven’t seen them already. If you have not seen any of the movies please do not read any further as there might be some spoilers. Spoiler alert! Lies den Rest dieses Beitrags

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