News from Iran – Week 20 – 2014

by lissnup

Prisoners’ News


  • Arjang Davoudi refuses to appear in court; he is transferred to Evin 240 solitary and then to Bandar Abbas.
  • Mehdi Dolati-Darabad transferred to Evin 7.
  • Hamid Manafi-Nazerloo, Azeri activist, transferred from Evin to an unknown location.
  • Amanollah Mostaghim transferred to hospital.
  • Seyyed Zia  Nabavi transferred to Semnan prison.
  • Seyyed Davood Rahimi transferred back from hospital to Evin240.
  • Hassan Tafah transferred to hospital.


  • Fazel Choupani, Kurdish teacher, arrested in Baneh.
  • Ebrahim and Hatam Daheimi, Arab political activists, arrested.
  • Setareh Davari, student activist, arrested.
  • Elham Farahani (Naeemi), Baha’i, arrested to serve her 4 years sentence.
  • Ahmad Karimi, Sunni activist, arrested in Saghez.
  • Serajedin Mir-Damadi, journalist and political activist, arrested.
  • Adel Mojarad, Sunni activist, arrested in Saghez.
  • Shamim Naeemi, Baha’i, arrested to serve his 3 years sentence.
  • Naser Zarei, Sunni activist, arrested in Saghez.


  • Kaveh Darolshafaei freed from Evin.
  • Hossein Farzin on 3 days furlough from Vakilabad prison.
  • Ali Kheirjoo freed from Ardebil prison.
  • Mohammad Mirzaei freed from Vakil Abad prison after 5.5 years.
  • Behnam Sheikhi, Azeri activist, temporarily released from Evin.

D-Other News

  • Mothers of Khavaran receive Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Mohammad Mataji political activist, sentenced to 1.5 years in prison.
  • Tofigh Megtaeezadeh, newly converted to sunni islam, sentenced by appeals to 1 year in prison.
  • Hamed, Heidar and Jafar Sayahi, newly converted to sunni islam, sentenced by appeals to 1 year in prison.
  • One woman executed in Rejaei Shahr on Saturday.
  • 2 executions in Zahedan on Saturday.
  • 11 executions in Ghezel Hesar on Sunday.
  • 9 executions in Karoun prison on Monday.
  • 4 hangings in Urmia on Tuesday.
  • One hanging in Semnan on Thursday.

University – Culture

  • A concert in Yazd is raided by extremists.
  • Author Marina Nemat wins Geneva Human Rights prize.


  • 8 days protest for cement workers in Dashtestan.

Iran abroad

  • Pakistani PM is in Tehran to visit Rouhani.
  • Saudi Arabia invites Zarif to visit Riyadh.
  • Zarif meets Austrian president.

Iran Economics

  • More than 6,000 workers in Qazvin Province have not been paid for 62 months.

Iran Politics

  • House of Ebrahim Yazdi Secretary General of Iran Freedom Movement raided.
  • Justice Minister rejects the committee investigating the Black Thursday in Evin prison.
  • Workers‘ Union Representative of „Iran Sharq“ Hassan Touzanjbani fired.
  • Fourth woman appointed as Qeshm Island Governor.
  • Some PJAK members form a new Kurdish party KOVAR and announce that they are ready to speak to Islamic regime.


  • Basij commander says satellite dishes on roofs prevent angels from descending into houses.
  • Seven death row prisoners spared of hanging in Zanjan by victim’s parents.
  • Khorramabad is among 20 most polluted cities in the world.


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