Persian Gulf War: A Prelude | Images of a Conflict 1990-1991 – جنگ خلیج پارس

Saddam Hussein vs. The Coalition: Behind the Military Strategies is volume three of the four-volume set titled Persian Gulf: Images of a Conflict, which chronicles Operation Desert Storm. This documentary series offers a news account of the first war in history to be broadcast live. This program of the series provides an in-depth look at Saddam Hussein’s military tactics and why he failed in his conquest of the oil-rich nation of Kuwait. Volume one, Prelude to War, features a Diane Sawyer interview with Hussein and focuses on the early days of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Volume two, The Allies Strike, provides graphic coverage of the war from Saudi Arabia, Baghdad, and other key Middle East locations. In the final tape of the collection, A Conversation with General Schwarzkopf, journalist Barbara Walters conducts a penetrating interview with the commander of the United States Central Command, Norman Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf was in charge of Allied forces in the Persian Gulf conflict and is credited with defeating Hussein. The collection of news reports and interviews provides a unique and comprehensive record of Operation Desert Storm.
مستندی از شبکه ای.بی.سی درباره جنگ خلیج پارس
– عراق – کویت – ایالات متحده آمریکا – خلیج فارس – ناو
Perzische Golfoorlog – Persiske Golfkrigen – Persischen Golfkrieg – La Guerra del Golfo Pérsico – Persianlahden sota – Guerre du Golfe Persique – Perzsa Öbölháború – حرب الخليج الفارسی – Война в Персидском заливе – Kuwaitkriget – Persiska Gulfkriget


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