Israel Loves Palestine – Palestine Loves Israel – Freedom for ALL

To you, my brother in gaza. we dont share the same blood but you are my brother. almost 2 years of common activism and with the time i learned to see what a beautiful soul you have. one of the most beautiful i have ever seen. you were there for me always, although your reality was always much harder, you became my wall of tears and I, I can do nothing for you now. I am afraid brother, I am so afraid. I am afraid something will happen to you. I feel so helpless my brother. I feel so wrong. not because we were wrong, we are peace itself but the wrongness is taking control over my body, brother, cause i fear for you. for you, for the people you love.I am always so active, and I always have something to say or to do and many ideas cause i dont like to sit and pray for something to come …but allow me this time:
dear world, dear god, dear energy, dear sky, dear earth, dear water please keep my brother in gaza safe for he is an angel that bloomed in the land of hell, he is the special angel from the kind that changes the world, his heart, soul, mind and eyes are pure and full of love. please i beg you earth, i beg you more than the stars can ever shine or the sun can ever light closed hearts, please keep my brother safe from harm.
sometimes all we have is praying.

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