Iran Headlines: Rouhani Backs Extension, Assembly of Experts, and Recession



During a speech to members of the media, Khabar Online quoted President Hassan Rouhani as saying, “It’s clear today that if the (P5+1) respects our views and national rights within the international framework, the nuclear negotiations will be extended…a win-win situation in the negotiations will be a victory for everyone, not just Iran.” Rouhani added, “Sanctions did not force us to negotiate.”

Tasnim News Agency quoted Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi as saying, “We made good progress in our discussions with the P5 +1, but more time is needed.”

Reformist Shargh Daily reported, “There has been much speculation whether the nuclear negotiations will be extended for a few weeks, but what isn’t clear, taking into account the current conditions of the talks, is whether one should remain optimistic or not?”

Mehr News Agency quoted Mashaad Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Alam Alhoda as saying, “Today in Vienna, we are witnessing the Iranian negotiating team standing firm on our (nuclear) red lines…a number of European countries and the U.S. have asked for additional sanctions not to be placed on Iran because they know it unites the Iranian people.”


According to ISNA, “If the nuclear negotiations are extended, the extension will be based on the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) and will probably see a continuum of many of the original stipulations (from the Geneva interim agreement).” The one stipulation that has yet to be reported on is whether Iran would receive additional frozen oil revenue.




Fars News Agency reported that Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi, a member of both the Assembly of Experts and the Guardian Council explained the rejection process when vetting candidates for the upcoming Assembly of Experts election in 2016. “When a candidate is rejected, he immediately thinks he isn’t Muslim (enough). The reality is that the person did not establish the qualifications to be a candidate.”



According to Mehr News Agency, Ahmad Toyserkani, head of the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties said, “757,197 marriages were recorded in the last Iranian calendar year, a 4.4 percent decline with the previous year.“ In addition, „158,753 divorces were recorded in the last Iranian calendar year, which is a 4.6 percent increase with the previous year,” said Toyserkani.

During a board of trustees meeting, ISNA quoted Hamid Mirzadeh, the chancellor of Islamic Azad University as saying, “In the next four years, we plan to build a new (600,000 square meter) seven-campus university in Tehran.”




Masoud Nili, President Hassan Rouhani’s senior adviser for economic affairs, told Tasnim News Agency, “The effects of the economic recession that began in the winter of 2011 and ended in the winter of 2013, will be felt until 2016.”

Mehr News Agency quoted Hamid Karghar, head of Iran’s National Carpet Center as saying, “Iran’s hand-woven carpet exports are booming.” According to customs statistics, “Carpet exports in the first quarter of the Iranian calendar year have netted more than $ 57 million dollars, which is a 23 percent increase from the same period last year.”

ISNA asks, “Are China and India to blame for the fluctuations of Iran’s oil exports?”


Zahra Imamzadeh, who is 94 years of age, is cared for by her ten grandchildren.

Iranians in Isfahan donate blood on the 19th day of Ramadan which symbolizes the anniversary of the assassination attempt of Imam Ali, considered to be the first Imam in Shia Islam after the Prophet Mohammad.

President Hassan Rouhani and members of his cabinet spoke to members of the media in the Summit Hall in Tehran.


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