Rouhani Has Been President of Iran for: 426 days – 03.10.2014

The presidency of Hassan Rouhani is being carefully analyzed for signs that the Iranian regime is changing its dangerous and threatening behavior. Optimism in some circles has been encouraged by a change in rhetoric and tone from Rouhani and other senior regime figures. However, while the new Iranian President speaks the language of conciliation, as it stands, the regime’s nuclear program and odious behavior continue.

UANI released a comprehensive report on Rouhani’s first 100 days in office, analyzing whether Rouhani had brought demonstrable change in three key areas: Iran’s nuclear program, human rights and role in Syria. Unfortunately, UANI found that President Rouhani’s record during his first 100 days in office failed to match his promising rhetoric. UANI developed the 100 Days concept in conjunction with Congressmen Ed Royce and Eliot Engel, Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, respectively. They publicized the concept in a September 25 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, „U.S. needs action, not words, from Iran.“

As Rouhani’s presidency progresses, UANI will continue to carefully scrutinize his record in office to see if his rhetoric matches his actions. The „Rouhani Accountability Tracker“ reviews the day-to-day actions of the Iranian regime.

Nuclear Program

“We seek a win-win game and this is possible… We are prepared to enter serious and meaningful negotiations with determination and without wasting time, and if our opposing party is equally ready, I am confident that the concerns of both sides will be allayed through dialogue.”

Suspend “all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities and heavy water-related projects” as it is required to do under UN Security Council Resolutions 1696, 1737, 1747, 1803, and 1929.

Comply fully and without qualification with its IAEA Safeguards Agreement.”
Resolve “the outstanding issues, including those related to possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program” in order “to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program.”
Act strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Additional Protocol to its IAEA Safeguards Agreement that it signed on 18 December 2003” and “ratify promptly the Additional Protocol.”
Refrain from “any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using ballistic missile technology.”
Comply with “the provisions of the modified Code 3.1 of the Subsidiary Arrangements General Part to Iran’s Safeguards Agreement,” which requires Iran to submit “design information for new facilities as soon as the decision to construct, or to authorize construction of, a new facility has been taken, whichever is the earlier.”
Provide the IAEA immediate access to the Parchin site, where intelligence indicates “Iran constructed a large explosives containment vessel in which to conduct hydrodynamic experiments; such experiments would be strong indicators of possible nuclear development.”

Human Rights

“So basically I’m very sensitive about the question of citizenship rights, of the rights of minorities, the rights of the ethnic groups. I am glad that when every prisoner leaves the jail – the prison, I rejoice in that… So I will spare no effort to ensure that those who are currently in prison will see an opening door.”

Executions 2013 368
2014 531+
Public executions 2013 21
2014 39+
Political prisoners jailed in Iran 895+
Political prisoners freed in Iran
*Many of those released completed or were near completion of their prison terms. The government has failed to follow through on its September 2013 announcement to release more than 80 prisoners of conscience.
U.S. citizens imprisoned in Iran 4
Cooperate with Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, and allow him immediate entry into the country.

End Internet censorship and permit access to blocked social media websites like Facebook and Twitter that regime officials themselves use.
End the morality police’s harassment of Iranian citizens and routine violations of Iranians‘ human rights.
End discrimination and harassment against persons belonging to ethnic and religious minorities, particularly the Baha’i.
Decriminalize consensual same-sex activity between adults.

Syria Conflict

“We should stop the civil war. We should pave the ground for negotiations between the opposition and the government… We should pave the way and prepare the ground for elections and ballot boxes so that Syrians voice their opinions and then we should all respect the results.”

Does Iran continue to provide the ruthless Syrian regime, which has used chemical weapons against its own people, with extensive military and economic support in order to keep President Bashar al-Assad in power?

Source: UANI


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