Iran Headlines: Vienna Talks, Friday Prayers, and Economic Growth

(L-R) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, and Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif are photographed as they participate in a trilateral meeting in Vienna (REUTERS/Carolyn Kaster).


Quoting a source familiar with the negotiations,Nuclear Iran wrote, “All of the technical issues are resolved except for the Fordow and Arak (facilities)…what remains are issues that require political decisions such as the number of centrifuges as well as a timeline for the lifting of sanctions.”

On Thursday, October 16, hard-line Raja News wrote, “In the remaining time left before the (November 24) deadline, the talks will veer towards discussing an extension, and the P5+1 will certainly ask Iran for more concessions.”

On Wednesday, October 15, IRNA reported that a large majority of Iranian parliamentarians have expressed that they will “(c)ontinue to support the diplomacy efforts of the Rouhani administration and the nuclear negotiating team.”


Fars News Agency quoted Tehran prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami as saying, “In truth, the sedition (Green Movement) of 2009 stood against the republicanism of our system of governance…I get the sense that some people want to downplay the significance of the sedition, and wipe away (their crimes), but our supreme leader says the sedition is our redline.”

ISNA reported that in Shiraz, prayer leader Ayatollah Asadollah Emani said, “When the West created the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK), they also created other terrorists groups outside of Iran such as the Taliban, al-Qa‘ida, and ISIS. Today, these countries once again feel threatened and have formed a coalition to confront the Islamic revolution…but just as they did in the past, they will fail once again.”

Fars News Agency reported that in Qom, prayer leader Ayatollah Seyed Hashem Husseini-Bushehri criticized Turkey saying, “Not only did Turkey not help, but they closed all the roads which caused the innocent people of Kobani to sacrifice their lives. Of course, unlike the arrogant powers, we remain hopeful that the people of this region will quickly achieve victory in their battle against ISIS.”

ISNA quoted Mashhad prayer leader Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Alam al-Hoda as saying, “Allowing female solo vocalists to perform is in the interests of the enemies of Islam and enemies of our system of governance.”

IRNA reported that Qazvin interim prayer leader Hojatoleslam Abd al-Karim Abedini said, “The persecution of people of Kobani reveals the lying nature of the United States and this coalition that has been formed against (ISIS).”


ISNA reported that according to preliminary calculations from Tehran’s Central Bank, the Iranian economy grew 4.6% in the period between spring of 2013 and spring of 2014.

A hard-line Kayhan editorial questioned recent announcements made by the Rouhani administration regarding economic growth. Citing faulty stats, the writer asked if these statements are “statistics or dreams?”

Mehr News Agency reported that 670,000 jobs were lost during the first year of the Rouhani administration.


Mehr News Agency quoted Ali Saeedi, the supreme leader’s representative in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as saying, “The United States has pitted all the different Islamic sects against one another…seeking to conduct proxy wars by using Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey instead of themselves.”


In an interview with ISNAprofessor of geophysics at Tehran University Bahram Akashehsaid that due to the Tehran being situated alongside the slopes of the Alborz Mountains, if a large-scale earthquake hits the capital, “(t)here will be wide-ranging catastrophic damage.”


Iranian women compete in a national dragon boat competition.

Coffee lovers attend the third annual International Coffee and Cocoa Festival in Tehran.

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami leads Friday prayers at Tehran University.

A Russian Navy ship docks at Iran’s northern Bandar Abbas Port.

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